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Hrm Assignment 1

922 words - 4 pages

Assignment #1

1) Define HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT and outline what HRM does.

2) Briefly discuss the External Environmental Influences on HRM.

3) Outline a brief history of HRM. Discuss the three stages through which HRM has evolved. 

4) LIST (!) the main prohibited grounds of discrimination common to all Canadian jurisdictions.

Assignment 1 - Answers
1. The book Human Resources Management in Canada briefly defines Human Resources Management (HRM) as “the management of people in organizations”. The Educational Portal, however, offers a more detailed definition of the same subject: “Human Resources Management (HRM) is the process an organization undergoes to manage people ...view middle of the document...

However, it will directly affect the productivity, as people is one of its inputs.
* Labour Market Issues: The main issue when it comes to labour market is the fact that there are four generations of workers. The Traditionalists are the seniors that still continue in the workforce. The following generation is the Baby Boomers, a large and experienced group of workers that is just starting to retire. Their leave of the labour force is a major concern as “there are significantly fewer workers” in the generations X (a quite reduced group) and Y (beginning to join the labour force), consequently producing a labour shortage, and “there will not be enough workers behind them to take over their jobs” (Dessler).
* Technology: It contributed not only to allow people to work from a wide range places (like hotels and airports, but also for companies to “monitor employee speed, accuracy, and efficiency” (Dessler), for example, in order to improve “the organization’s structures and work processes” (Dessler). However, there a concerns as ethics, the right to privacy, and even “the line between work and family time” (Dessler) that were brought with the technologies.
* Government: In Canada, the influence of numerous laws have a huge power on the relationship between employer and employee. For instance, there are 14 different jurisdictions with their own legislation (human rights, employment standards, labour relations, health and safety, and workers’ compensation), and consequently there are variations between them when it comes to minimum wage, vacation entitlement, and pay equity, just to name a few. That way, it becomes a challenge to companies to address all the issues and follow the legislation when they have employees in more than one jurisdiction.
* Globalization: Multinational companies are required to have HR professionals up-to-date with all the differences in employment legislation around the world. They also “need to manage ethical dilemmas when labour standards are substantially lower than those in Canada” (Dessler).
* Environmental Concerns: “There is increasing evidence that interest in environmental issues is motivating...

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