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Hrm And Culture Essay

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HRM and Culture
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Strategic Human Resource Management
December 1, 2013
HRM and Culture
Women have been trying to shatter the glass ceiling for many years. The European Union has been touting equality between women and men for decades (Reding, 2012). In spite of their progress men still dominant company boards. 86.3% of board members are men while there are only 13.7% women. 96.8% of men are boardroom chairs while 3.2% are women (Reding, 2012). Corporate culture in Korea has come a long way but it still has a long way to go. Korean women continue to get paid 38% less than Korean men (Harden, B., 2010). South Korean women are seeking other careers ...view middle of the document...

, 2012). When Korean women are successful in business they are sometimes viewed as failures by their families because of their culture (Harden, B. 2010). They are viewed as a bad mother, wife, and daughter-in-law in their culture because they take time away from their families to pursue careers.
Diversity is essential in today’s workplace. The Internet has allowed companies to expand their businesses globally. A diverse team is critical to global companies because people do business with people they know and trust. It will allow companies in doors that might be closed otherwise. SK Telecom’s HRM practices are not strategically aligned with the company business because the management is not embracing diversity. A senior member of management admitted he avoids hiring women (Phatak et al., 2012). In order for strategies to be strategically aligned upper management has to be committed. HRM’s are unable to perform their jobs successfully without upper managements buy-in. Company culture tends to mimic upper management because they determine their values and beliefs.
Promoting and hiring more women could improve SK Telecom’s competitive advantage in launching new products and services. Multinational or global companies whose overall corporate strategy is reflected in its HRM practices tend to be more competitive (Phatak et al., 2012). International human resource management (IHRM) has to be strategically aligned with the company globally. Employees should be considered for positions based on their ability to perform the job duties. Gender should not be a contributory factor in hiring decisions. The double-burden syndrome, a phrase coined by McKinsey’s latest Women Matter: An Asian Perspective study shows barriers women face when trying to have careers and families (Bosten, A. 2011). Women should not have to become one of the guys to be successful in the business world. According to the U.N. World Health Organization, South Korea has the world’s lowest birthrate because women are postponing marriage and having children so they can have a career (Harden, B. 2010). Korea wants to change this but the birthrate continues to decline because of the cultural mindset.
A recruitment and retention plan to target women in South Korea would have to incorporate a section to introduce change to the mindset of men in the workplace and getting assistance from the government to endorse the change. Advertising and marketing depicting women as an asset in the workplace and being able to harmoniously balance work and family would be appropriate. South Korean companies are doing themselves and their customers a disservice by failing to have a diverse workforce and bringing women into the fold. Companies cannot be attracting and retaining the best talent if women are being overlooked because of gender. The recruiting plan will include the following components: assess the short term and long term staffing and recruiting needs of the...

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