Hrm 531 Week 2 Reflection Paper

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Team A Weekly Reflection
HRM 513

Team A Weekly Reflection
The purpose of this paper is to summarize the key discussion points from the learning objectives during week two. This week’s topic focused on the functions of a job description.
Objective 1: Explain how a job analysis is used to create a job description.
A job analysis is defined as “the process used to break a job into its component duty or functional areas and the task statements associated with those duty areas” (Hartley, 2010). The job analysis identifies requirements and duties involves in the job. It will also establish guidelines on the education level, skill set, and work environment.
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  Stability can be a problem because employees influence change.  In addition, technology and jobs change over time which affects the stability of an analysis.
Objective 2: Explain the functions of a job description
The function of a job description is to identify necessary task for a specific position.  A job description will describe qualifications, minimum requirements, and working conditions. A job description is important because it helps staff understand their duties. According to "Managing & Employing People Pocketbook" (2004) managers or supervisors develop and maintain job descriptions.  The job description duties should be consistent and appropriate for job classification.
If the job requires a special skill, it would be listed in the description. It is useful in the hiring process because a candidate can see if they meet the requirements listed. For instance, if the position requires a foreign language skill and someone doesn’t possess the skill, there is no need to apply for the position and waste time and effort.

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