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Hrm 531 Reflection Week 4 Essay

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Week Four Learning Team A Reflection
Nicol Allen, Bokeba Johnson, Harold Lang, LaKeeta Seals, Khalilah Skinner
September 23, 2013
Professor Cassandra Farley

Week Four Learning Team A Reflection
Team A will address six aspects for performance management framework for client Bradley Stonefield’s Limousine Service. Team A understands that there are four levels of assessing training needs, organization analysis, demographic analysis, operations analysis, and individual analysis. The six topics of discussion that Team A will address ...view middle of the document...

Performance management can only be successful by empowering the employees to accomplish the organizational objectives by ensuring that the employees have the proper tools to accomplish those objectives. Bradley Stonefield expressed in the small business scenario that he intends for his limousine service to produce an Annual Net Revenue of $50,000 at a 5% revenue growth rate for the next couple of years. Bradley Stonefield needed an employee appraisal system that reflected his annual revenue projections so he needed a Result-oriented Method of appraising employee performance to ensure that his organizational objectives were met.
Empowering the employees is not only important in accomplishing the organization objectives, but it also play a significant role in keeping the organizations turnover low. Bollman Hotels (large business scenario) has more than 25,000 employees with a historical turnover rate of 5% and wants to expand the international hotel market, A company turnover rate tells much about an organization employee involvement and its potential revenue. For example, high turnovers can be an indication that the organization has not done its research and its compensation structure is not competitive with others within its industry. It also a red flag employee involvement or interactions with organization is limited, which can bring employee morale very low.
A large organization is important to have their performance management philosophy of the organization line up with the work of supervisors, managers, and staff with the goals of the company. The performance management system translates to job behaviors, responsibilities, and performance goals. It is the ultimate driver for employees to do their best. Training senior management to assess individual performance properly will facilitate career planning, setting of goals, rewards plans, and organization culture.
The items covered in the performance management plan such as Approach for delivering effective performance feedback, Process for addressing skill gaps, Methods used for measuring the employee's...

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