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Hrm 530 Assignment 3

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Employment Laws and HRM Strategy
For Dr. Geri Puleo

November 14, 2012

Employment Laws and HRM Strategy


The Scenario that I chose was: “Introduction of new technology for employees who may experience physical limitations.” The employment law that corresponded with this scenario was ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act. The Americans with Disabilities Act “Provides Protection for individuals with physical and mental disabilities” (Stewart, 2010). Some of the physical disabilities that would fall under this act would be the loss of an arm or leg, or a chronic illness such as cancer or diabetes. A few mental disabilities that would fall under ...view middle of the document...

“As technology plays an increasingly important role in the lives of Americans, it is imperative to provide assistive technologies so that all persons can participate fully in education, employment, and daily living” (Dove, 2012)

Other reasonable accommodations that may be provided to those that have a disability may be things such as: amplified telephones, visual alarms and sign language interpreter services for those that may be deaf or blind. “The ADA requires employers to make sure that deaf employees or job applicants can communicate effectively when necessary” (National Association of the Deaf Law and Advocacy Center). In the state of Maryland, there is a MDTAP (Maryland Technology Assistance Program) that is in place. This program conducts trainings, presentations, and public awareness activities for persons, organizations, or agencies interested in learning more about assistive technology for their employees. This program also program provides free assistive telecommunications equipment such as amplified phones, ring signalers, and TTY’s to qualified residents of the State of Maryland who have disabilities that make it difficult to use a standard telephone.
In the state of Maryland, the American’s with Disabilities act is upheld with its Maryland employees and implemented on the day to day basis but there is a process in order for Maryland employees to receive the reasonable accommodations. Within any agency, they must propose their alternative designs or technologies to the department of sustainability to get approved before beginning to make changes. “Proposed alternative designs or technologies shall be submitted to the Department before beginning construction, alteration, addition, or change of use of the building or facility by the owner or other person identified as the responsible person in the submission to the department”(Maryland Accessibility code, 2011).

Plan to manage the HRM situation

The plan that I would implement in order to manage the HRM situation would be to make sure that all ADA requirements are met first. “The ADA places some important limitations on what organizations can ask and measure during the job application process” (Stewart, 2010). Some limitations include things such as asking people if they have a disability or asking people to conduct medical exam’s to learn about the potential employee’s disability. I would also make sure that the employee as well as the employer work together to ensure that the employee needs are met to perform their job functions properly. Following certain guidelines when it comes to confidentiality would also be in place in order to be able to ensure that ADA requirements are being met.
Another way that I would manage the HRM situation is by establishing a clear description of the job when advertising to fill the position. In the job description, I would list specific tasks that will need to be done in order for the job to be performed successfully. This will cut out...

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