Hrm 530 Assignment 1

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Assignment 1: Ethical Issues In HRM Strategy
Trimmier McClellan

Dr. Linda Force
HRM 530
January 27, 2013

Identify the areas of overlap in the new client organization with others that you have had as clients. If you have limited experience with these types of problems, be sure to research common issues to complete this question.
In Human resources (HR), problems can arise when dealing with a company’s productivity, hiring new employees, setting up training, and preventing discrimination. An important task of the human resource department is work with employees so they can be very productive. Productivity most often leads to higher revenue for a company. The HR department usually ...view middle of the document...

This can be very productive for companies. Diversity also creates a sense of equality amongst employees. Companies look to build diversity when they set out to hire new employees. A lot of companies have laws that are against discrimination. Managers have to train in a way that is legal according to these standards. Many workers today do know their rights, which can flood the HR department with discrimination complaints.
Explain the ethical dilemma(s) that may arise if you use your expert knowledge of other organizational HRM strategies with the new client.
Effective HRM helps to bring together the gap of a current position and a newly desired position. It helps to promote creative thinking and productive behavior. This shows the causes of the issues that may arise. It very common that there are misconceptions about HR practices. It is important managers are knowledgeable about a company’s practices to instill trust to new clients. An HR manager has to be able to listen and understand different problems in order to provide helpful solutions (Stewart & Brown, 2011).
Human resource management is an art. You must possess the skills of talent acquisition and effective strategic management in or to find and keep talented workers. Managers help make pay decisions, assess training needs, hire employees, and improve methods throughout a business (Stewart & Brown, 2011). New clients may not be familiar with other HRM practices, may not agree with a company’s practices. If the client disagrees on hiring techniques, or pay decisions, there may be an issue between manager and client.
Discuss your approach to customizing HRM strategy to business strategies.
Human resource practices help differentiate products and service which in turn creates competitiveness (Chang & Huang). A strategic plan is important because the HR department comes in contact with the client and/or customer directly. In the BPO industry, human resource development is important because it helps decide how a customer feels about the company. In manufacturing, there is no presence of direct dealings with customers; however, a strategic plan is still important to have. Any...

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