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HRM 326

Final Exam
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The legal aspects of training have been an area of particular interest. The most interesting aspect was company liability. One common ground for not adhering to legal requirements such as OSHA, EEO, and Sexual Harassment was the likelihood of the company entering in the courtroom. When organizations fail to meet legal requirements they can be held accountable or partially responsible for any injury or illness that an employee, customer, or person within the ...view middle of the document...

Methods can be placed within categories and subcategories. Categories include lectures, games, simulations, on-the-job training, apprenticeship training, and visual aids. Subcategories range from discussions, role-playing, demonstrations, mentoring, to computer-generated dynamic presentations (CGDP). To ensure successful training the trainer must prepare, present, tryout, and follow up. All four steps are vital to the success of the information being trained. In addition, the trainer must grab the trainees’ attention, ensure retention, and observe behavioral reproduction.
One could apply this approach with HomeFirst Mortgage Corp. (HFM) by determining which method or methods will be best suited. In this case HFM is a primarily home-based business spread across the United States with only a portion of employees working in company provided offices. This implies that HFM employees are not easily able to attend a classroom lecture or partake in a role-playing scenario. In a situation such as this the best methods to use would be computer-based lectures, webinars, or simulations. The ideal training would be over a short period such as 30 minutes to a maximum of one hour to help prevent the possibility of a personal or professional distraction. Short time frames will also help the employees’ with providing consistent attention. The training method used will help maximize their retention based on how interesting the method chosen is prepared and presented. Behavioral reproduction can be observed through revenue increases, customer complaints, and so forth.
Strategic Role
As a consultant,...

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