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Hrm/300 Week 3 Essay

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Job Description and Recruiting Strategies Worksheet

Conduct an interview with someone who has a career or position that is different from your own. Identify the duties associated with his or her position, as well as any skills and abilities necessary for the position. Use the information gathered in the interview, as well as the Week 3 readings, to complete the following worksheet. Answer each question in paragraph format.



Police Officer for the City of San Mateo.
- Provide public safety by maintaining order, ...view middle of the document...

- Act as official escorts when necessary.

2. What are the types of knowledge, skills, and abilities that are needed to successfully accomplish the job responsibilities?

- Understanding of the State and city legal system.
- Knowledge of the commonly used vehicle and criminal penal codes.
- Strong ethical and moral values and common sense or right and wrong.
- Ability to solve situations ranging from shootings, domestic violence, and or child disputes.
- Typing skills and ability to work with a wide array of electronics, such as computer, radios, cell phones, and other needed equipment.
- Ability to control emotions, such as fear and anger.
- Ability to work with a wide array of individuals in a professional manner.
- Knowledge and ability to fire a rifle, shoot gun, pistol, and taser.
- Knowledge of the departments polices, especially on the use of deadly force, vehicle/foot pursuits, domestic violence response, and missing persons.
- Ability to control a situation, persons, and take criminals into custody.
- Physically fit.
- Understanding of the English language and ability to write and speak clearly.
- Ability to multi task.
- Understanding of the radio codes.
- Ability to drive and knowledge of the police vehicle equipment.

3. What additional factors do you think should be included in the job description, such as physical tasks, mental acuity, etc.?

From what I have seen and been told by the police officer, I cannot see much else that should be a requirement for the position of police officer. They are already extensively trained and help to a very high standard. They are already required to go through a very intense and strenuous background investigation that even involves contacting their ex-girlfriends and spouses. They are placed through a polygraph test, drug test, physical fitness test, and reading and writing comprehension. After that they are weeded out through the six month long police academy, then an 18 week intensive on the job training and another year of work probation.

4. What are the essential functions of the position?

The essential functions of this position is to respond to calls for service, secure and control the area upon arrival, identify the situation, persons involved, suspects and victims, the crime that was violated, renderers of first aid if necessary, call for additional support when needed, such as fire, AMR, SWAT and or back up. Issuance of citations and or arrest of suspects.

Also patrol designated areas of the city and enforce local ordinances, California vehicle code and penal code. Identify public hazards, which need to be addressed immediately and promote public safety.

JOB Description
Compose a 350- to 500-word job description based on the data acquired in your interview. Make sure that the essential functions of the position are identified in the description.

The main focus and responsibility of a police officer is the protection of the people and property,...

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