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Hrm 240 Assignment: Affirmative Action

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Implementing Affirmative Action |
Week 1, Assignment |
HRM 240 |

Affirmative action is not only a way to diversify a company, but also a way to give and equal right to all races to show the potential that the mind holds, not only the color of the skin. There are many benefits to companies who implement affirmative action as long as the right steps are taken to maintain the goal for the company, and not only to be done to give a better look to the company for the consumer’s point of view. There may be some resistance from large companies because of past attempts of other companies, or things they may be afraid will happen. Luckily, there is preventative planning that can happen in ...view middle of the document...

All companies hold an obligation to not judge or make decisions based on ones race, age, color, etc. This only proves to them, and the outside world that they are following this, with no resilience proving that they really are an equal opportunity employer.
Furthermore, the benefits of affirmative action can vary. One of the most important benefits is for the employees themselves. The minority groups now get a chance to show what they are capable of and more likely will have better opportunity to move up in positions that they would have been less likely to prior to the change. Also this is a great action for the company on the outside, for many as stated by Michael Goldstein, “our customers are not one group; they comprise all of America. It’s important to be able to serve them.” This is not only true for Toys “R” Us, but for most companies in America. A Company should not be made up of one race because they feel that one is smarter or will do better than the other based on the color of their skin. There are many candidates in close reach, without taking into consideration their race or sex, which could qualify for high up jobs or even executive teams to great companies, and affirmative action is a great way to find that out. Study the minds of the current minority or women employees, and search for ones with potential to go far in the company in order to benefit everyone, this not only will give the chance to those who were apprehensive before the affirmative action, but also gives the company a new prospective and new minds to better the company itself.
Generally, for almost all actions, there is the chance that this action may be challenged by some. Luckily for affirmative action, these can be prevented with the right steps. In order to prevent a “stand-still” in the company, which would mean...

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