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Hris Essay

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Choosing the Right HRIS Solution
In a white paper from 2007, Violet Nguyen stated “An effective HRIS should be able to provide and track all of the information a company needs on current and former employees. The right HRIS helps to reduce the workload of the HR staff, allowing them to be more productive and work more efficiently.” According to Nguyen when it comes to Human Resource professionals complaints the most common are, “It’s not user friendly.” “The reports are too complicated to access.” “It’s not capable of doing what I need it to do.” When selecting an HRIS system it is important to focus on these three key points: Know what is needed, determine and prioritize requirements, and ...view middle of the document...

The option that is growing in popularity due to lower IT support needs is Application Service Provider (ASP). These systems also have a lower entry cost, but require monthly ongoing fees.
Lastly, it is important to consider future changes to the business. One of the most important points in selecting the proper HRIS for a company is that the system can accommodate changes. Nguyen writes “Determine how much growth you will realistically have in three to five years. For example, with 300 employees, you don’t want to waste time and energy looking at tier 1 systems built for enterprise level organizations. Instead, consider a system built for the mid-market, which can accommodate up to 5,000 employees. It is better to have a quick ROI and accomplish business objectives than a complex ‘system’ that you may not grow into and will present a long-term financial and resource drain on the company.” (Nguyen)
Micah Fairchild reports in his online article titled “The Top 5 HRIS mistakes and How to Avoid Them” that it is not easy to make sense of the problems have with implementing HRIS systems. The article goes on to list the top five mistakes and gives useful tips to avoid them.
The first mistake is listed as the failure to manage change. Effectively managing change can be an issue for many organizations. Several tips for preparing for change are to assess the organizational impact of the change, good communication and training. (Fairchild)
The second mistake is failing to define, validate, and support quality data. The old adage is garbage in, garbage out. Quality information is needed to make quality decisions. Tips to improve data accuracy of the HRIS system are to establish clear cut policies that define data entry. Good training is essential for the core functions of the system. Secondly it is imported to define when and how the data will be validated. (Fairchild)
The third mistake is failure to properly...

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