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Hr Training Essay

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InterClean Training
Jaime S. Castrejon
HRM/531 Human Capital Management
14 June 2011
Jim Sowatzke

The acquisition of EnviroTech has given us an opportunity to expand into new markets.
The strategic plan will require that the sales staff be trained in the new direction of Solutions-
based selling. The newly assigned sales teams at IntraClean will have to undergo intensive
training to ensure a seamless transition toward an efficient and effective industry knowledge
sales force. Due to budget constraints sales managers and sales representatives will be required
to share knowledge and expertise in developing solutions-based products for customers. New
training and mentoring ...view middle of the document...

, new product |
| |features, warranties, and formulas. This category also includes |
| |sales training and skill development consisting of updates on |
| |generating leads, responding to inquiries, growing the client |
| |base, establishing an effective tracking system, working with |
| |long term clients, and generating referrals. |
|B—General and non-job related training |This is defined as training workshops on general interest issues |
| |such as time management, stress reduction, nutrition, Pilates |
| |exercises, and investing for retirement. |
|C—Contract related training |This is defined as training on contract bidding, estimating |
| |contract costs, contract administration and tracking, proposal |
| |development and contract renewal issues. |
|D—Computer/software training |This is defined as basic training on word processing |
| |applications, PowerPoint, Excel spreadsheets, databases, and |
| |Office Integration software to provide the essential foundation |
| |skills needed to utilize computer technology in selling. |
|E—Leadership training |This is defined as training in the development of interpersonal |
| |relationship skills including topics such as how to get the most |
| |from your employees, how to give constructive feedback, setting |
| |personal goals, and managing office politics. |
|F—Customer service training |This is defined as training in how...

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