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Hr System Integration Essay

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HR Integration Project
Brandi L. King
Prof C. Randall Shirley
May 27, 2015
HR Integration Project
HR undertakings are often some of the more tedious. There are a number of aspects of them we are to handle with the upmost precision. If one aspect is bad, then the client (in this case Riordan Manufacturing) could have a number of bad clients on their phones. Which means we would have negative feedback as well. Therefore, it is in no way good business.
The stakeholders in this project are many. The obvious individuals are the ones doing the work (us), the company having the work done (Riordan Manufacturing), and the individuals that hold stock in either of ...view middle of the document...

For instance, in Office Space, they utilized consultants and did personal interviews. Not only to see whether or not the individual was necessary, but also to understand how they felt about the company.
CSF stands for critical success factors. It is these five factors that will be the definitive reasoning behind the project being successful or not. Firstly is management’s commitment to the project. (“TechRepublic”, 2002) Without a committed team of leaders, how can you ever have a committed team of followers? It drives the individuals to perform, and is directly linked to what resources will be available. For this purpose, you should make sure that you have someone in upper management who stands behind the project completely. They will be your “champion” so to speak. Secondly, we need to interact with your employees. On the bright side, this leads us to a quality/quantity ratio. The more time we spend working out a single HR problem when moving to the new system, the worse off your system is. The less time that is spent on issues, the better the system. The third point is that the end goal has to be the same among all individuals. Management, our company, and your users all have to have the same goal in mind. That goal is to revamp and reinvigorate your HR system. The next bit that is important is our understanding of what is going on currently at both ends of that system. We need to know the input, and the output, before we can put something else in its place. This is sometimes referred to as “domain knowledge”. Lastly, and probably most important is the planning of it all. For this, we have to prepare, identify any specific tasks that reside under the common goal and who is responsible for them. With these steps, you have all the success factors necessary to get you through the information-gathering phase.
Project Scope & Project Feasibility
The scope of a project, as is defined by “searchCIO” (n.d.) is, “…the part of project planning that involves determining and documenting a list of specific project goals, deliverables,...

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