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HR Roles and ResponsibilitiesUniversity of PhoenixHR Roles and ResponsibilitiesHuman resources (HR) has come a long way in the business world in a relative short amount of time. The management of HR takes much forethought, focus, and vision to run the department efficiently. This paper will show the response of HR to the trends in globalization, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics.GlobalizationThe HR department has many roles within an organization. HR needs to be consistent with the upper management concerning the business strategies and objectives. HR has grown with the world and become more diversified and cultural. They can ...view middle of the document...

The HRIS can also do checks on a potential employee's background, previous employment, and education. Through the use of an organization's Intraweb, or the organization's private Internet, HR can post interdepartmental job openings, policies, forms, and much more.DiversityDiversity has become a key component of HR. Today's workforce is constantly changing and HR must keep up with this change. Bringing together diverse employees to work together side-by-side can be challenging yet rewarding in the end. HR has an obligation to the organization and to its employees that its organizational culture and environment is free of harassment and discrimination. State and federal laws are in place to guarantee this and HR has to ensure that all laws are followed and adhered. "Workforce diversity needs to be viewed as a competitive advantage and a business opportunity" (The Chubb Corporation, 1995-2007, p. 1).E-BusinessE-business presents special issues for HR as e-business is also an ever-changing trend that can be challenging to stay up-to-date and on top of all issues. In today's world, most business is conducted electronically. E-mails are commonplace in organizations, not only between employees and management, but also, to other businesses and organizations. Most organizations have websites on the Internet and have their own Intraweb that is not shared with public. Internet and e-mail policies and procedures must be created by HR to ensure that laws are not violated, all employees are treated fairly, and everything that is transferred or looked at on the Internet is professional and proper. Because most of the organization's business...

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