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Hr Project Essay

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|Discussion of observations, results and conclusions | |
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This project attempts to understand the objectives:-

➢ To understand in details how to establish pay rates to different level of employee.

➢ To understand the impact of compensation management on performance level.

➢ A comparative study of the compensation management strategies followed in different banks.


Everything has some pros and cons and so certain limitations of this study that we could observe are as follows:

The area of project work is banking sector so, the data or result may be approximate as the conclusion is based on the survey method i.e. primary & secondary source (filling of questionnaire from the employees) may be hypothetical (imaginary) data.

• The organizations which have been studied and surveyed are not providing us with full information which has hampered the result and conclusion.

• Exact data was not been provided.


The scope of this project is to study of the compensation management strategies in HDFC bank & to evaluate the behaviour & performance of employee on their work.



A Research Design is the framework or plan for a study which is used as a guide in collecting and analyzing the data collected. It specifies the methods and procedures for acquiring the information needed to conduct the research effectively.



There are two types of data used. They are primary and secondary data. Primary data is defined as data that is collected from original sources for a specific purpose. Secondary data is data collected from indirect sources.


Questionnaire consists of a set of questions presented to respondents. Because of its flexibility, it is by far the most common instrument used to collect primary data.


These include books, the internet, the company website etc,



Compensation Management is an integral part of the management of the organization. Compensation is a systematic approach to providing monetary value to employees in exchange for work...

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