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Hr Practitioners Changing Role Essay

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The human resource department has become one of the most important areas of today’s corporations. Gone are the simple personnel departments that many companies used in the past. Today’s human resource managers are often responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training new employees for an organization, making it the true nerve center of a company. They are also tasked with maintaining performance evaluations, as well as providing job growth potential for employees.
Today’s workforce is more diverse than ever before, too. Most major corporations have people from many different cultures included in their workforce. There is also an aging workforce, especially with the baby boomer ...view middle of the document...

They value being able to contribute to their organizations, and feeling that they are indeed needed is of great importance to them. The Boomers are also working longer and delaying retirement. The recession and the financial fallout greatly affected their 401K amounts and the savings that they had counted on to guide them into their retirement years.
The Gen Xers tend to show loyalty, also, but more to the right leader or manager than they would to the organization that they are employed by. Self-promotion tends to motivate them, too, and they really value having a flexible work environment. Family and other priorities are more important to them than the actual job itself.
The Millennials show loyalty to organizations, too, but only as long as they are reaching and accomplishing the goals that they have in mind for a career. They seek almost immediate job gratification, and really value the concept of self-development. They are also the most technically savvy of all of the generations, having grown up with the internet and other various ways of communication and job enhancement tools.
Another challenge of a human resource manager is the changing regulatory environments in today’s workplaces. Starting with the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, employees are protected from being discriminated against because of their age. With today’s aging workforce, that is even more important at this time. With companies downsizing to a leaner environment, this helps to protect the older employees from being the ones who are let go because of their age. The EEOC – Equal Employment Opportunity – also helps to insure older employees that they will not lose their job due to their age. These protections are much needed today, as younger people are entering the workforce. Human resource managers are deploying more and more sensitivity training to their employees to draw their attention to the appropriate way to treat employees of all ages.
Today’s political environment tends to impact companies, too. The two major parties in our county differ on many things, including the economy and the role of government in our work and personal lives.
The Republican Party is usually more conservative when it comes to the role of the federal government in people’s lives. They don’t believe in raising taxes for anyone, including the wealthiest Americans. They believe that wages should be based on the free market, and are very much against raising the minimum wage in this country. Republicans are also usually considered fiscal conservatives – as well as socially – and are very pro-business, especially big business. Republicans tend to be very conservative with regard to opposing gun control laws, abortion, gay rights, universal health care and taxes.
The Democratic Party is usually a little more liberal or progressive on issues. They tend to favor a country based on community and social responsibilities. They believe in helping the people...

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