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The company is a female cosmetic & healthcare products manufacture. The name of the company is ‘beaumonde’ and it carries a tagline ‘women’s pride’ as it encourages woman’s beauty and freedom in style. The company settled there factory is Gazipur & head office in Baridhara. The company operates its business throughout the country by establishing different distribution channels and regional offices. The star products of the company in cosmetic category are Lipstick; nail-polish; make up kit; foundation; make up brushes and so on and in health care categories shampoo; conditioner; face wash; body lotion; lip gel.

Human Resource Policy & Practices

The company follows the democratic management style where every stakeholder’s voices are heard. The company assures the employment laws enforced by the government by establishing equal employment opportunity; work life balance of employees; reducing gender discrimination and biasness; enhancing a proper communication between employees & management. The organization has diversified employee departments according to different labor. The work roles are diversified as non-managerial workers; first line managers; middle managers and finally the executives or the top management. The organization encourages the HRM Principles of
* Diversity;
* Openness & Responsiveness;
* Internal Communication;
* Personal Development and Learning,
* Fairness at Work;
* Dignity at Workplace; Fair,
* Clear and Competitive Remuneration and Benefits;
* Talent, Performance and Equal Opportunity.

All these HRM practices & policies help this organization to thrive Excellency in their business.

Employee Recruitment

Currently this organization has total 800 employees working in different divisions. Among the 550 are working as workers in the factory in production; 120 first line managers who observes these workers; 100 middle managers and 20 executives are holding top positions of different departments to manage employees and rest 10 are directly on the board to generate the policies of the company.
Each criterion employee has different job responsibilities. The management considers every pros & cons while analyzing each position. The organization search for new employees when there is a shortage of employees and when the supply exceeds they reduce employees on the basis of poor performance. They also balance their labor supply through hiring part time workers; temporary workers; contract workers.
The company considers various external sources for their fresher and middle management positions and for the top management posts it considers internal sources. During recruitment it considers the organizational images; goals; government rules & regulations; recruitment procedure costs. The organization is concerned about making the job more attractive to the candidates to find the best talents for the organizations. For attracting the...

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