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Hr Practices For New Generation Essay

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“Hello, Ramesh can you collect your cheque today? I am available at my desk post lunch” said the HR executive. “Of course Sir for sure I am just on my way to office, meet you then” Ramesh replied. It’s only during the time when we have to collect our monthly payments, reimbursements and other menial work that we are reminded of these quiet but people’s people called the HR guys. On other days we generally run after finance for supplying us with money and marketing guys to make the product launches a success and hit their pre-defined targets.
Few years ago this was the typical scenario with all the Rameshs in various offices, who didn’t recognize the power of HR department. With the advent ...view middle of the document...

Strategic HRM is a mind-set that leads to strategic actions and reactions as mentioned by Michael Armstrong in his classic book “Armstrong’s Handbook on HRM practices”. The HR strategies help in understanding of what exactly the organisation plans to do about the HRM policies and practices and how they should be integrated with the business strategy and each other2. The specific HR strategy areas are: Human capital management, corporate social responsibility, organization development, engagement, knowledge management, talent management etc.3
In earlier days majority people worked only to earn money to fulfil their necessities of daily livelihood with few aspiring for more. But nowadays people work not just to earn money but to satisfy their intellectual needs and to do something great in life with increasingly new and varied job opportunities like interior decoration, retailing, etc. aptly showing a shift to the next level of “self-esteem and recognition” in the Maslow’s model of hierarchy of needs. Thus today there is a necessity to recognise such needs and leverage them for the benefit of the organisation.
In today’s world, offering pool of job opportunities to individuals with customised profiles; an alarm is rung in the corporate world regarding the retention of their best talent. Companies have to thus create an environment of competitiveness as well as a culture of bonding amongst its employees. It’s very essential to not only recruit and retain but also to inspire and motivate their employees. There should be equal opportunities offered to all irrespective of their religion, caste, race and gender to...

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