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Hr Portfolio Essay

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Job Title:
Position Purpose:
This job requires the skills and expertise needed to deliver high quality medical choices. The position will also require the work with other doctors in determining some of the complicated cases that might happen. The candidate might also need to visit some of the company’s health centers from time to time.
Typical Job Duties:
• To deliver general check-ups to patients. These check-ups are designed to help the patients know if they are suffering from any condition. Research shows that many patients do not value medical check-ups and so part of this task will be to convince the patients that they need regular medical check-ups (American ...view middle of the document...

He/she will be required to take the material to the storage area and sign that they have been delivered. This is essential as it will help other doctors know the progress of the patient.
Physical Requirements:
The candidate should be physically fit, willing and able to stand for hours. The candidate should not smoke or drink alcohol, and must be free from illness.
Working Conditions:
With many facilities that the company posses, the working conditions may be different from one place to another. The candidate will be required to move from one place to another in order to fulfill all of his/her duties. All working areas should be clean, spacious and equipped in order to help the doctor perform well.
Reporting to:
Report to the Head of Physicians who is located at the health centers main office

Qualifications and Skills Required:
• Must have a certified degree in General Medicine
• Should be recognized by the use of a certificate by the National Doctor’s Board
• At least 3 years experience working with a reputable health care institution
• Should have the ability to use the computer
• Should be a team player
• The candidate should have good communication skills (American Medical Association, 2001).

Job Title:
Position Purpose:
This job requires the services of a qualified nurse to help the doctors and other health service providers. Due to the important work that the nurse will do, he/she is expected to be highly trained. The nurse will help the doctor treat the patient by giving the patients the required medicine at the required time, removing the bedding of the patients so that they can be washed. Helping the patients go to bathrooms and also to take baths (Linsley, Kane, & Owen, 2011).

Typical Job Duties:
• To write and record patient care plans on a daily basis. These care plans show the progress of the patient and the doctor’s comment on what is to be done. The candidate will also be asked to deliver the care plans to the storage area once they are filled.
• To administer medicine and injections as prescribed by the doctor. The nurse will be tasked with picking the required medicine or injections from the pharmacy whenever it is needed.
• To create a suitable work plan that will suit both the doctor and the patient. This work plan will include the times when the doctor will see the patient and the time schedule of the patient. This work plan will be placed on the foot of the bed of the patient (Linsley, Kane, & Owen, 2011).
• To work as an adult nurse and take care of the elderly and terminally ill patients once every month. This is essential in order to assess the skills of the candidate.
• To set up the required equipments for the doctor. This includes setting up blood transfusions and water drips according to the doctor’s orders.
• To be in charge of transferring patients from one ward to another or even from one health centre to another.

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