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Hr Policy Essay

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Our total employee strength, as of December 31, 2009, was 15,466. We also had 18,210 variable manpower including 800 fixed-term and temporary contract employees. We encourage employment of local residents in our manufacturing operations depending upon availability of skills. Our employee relations policy recognises the freedom of association and collective bargaining. Our company follows a collective bargaining process while finalizing long-term settlements in all supply chain units. All the workmen at the supply chain units are organised and are represented by various unions/authorised representatives in their units. In 2009, 10,018 employees were covered under collective bargaining ...view middle of the document...

In 2009, 19% of our managers and 9% of our officers were women. Our eight-member management committee has a woman member.
Our formal employment and fitment policy absolutely prohibits gender-based discrimination. No incidents of discrimination or complaints have been reported in 2009.
We are a merit driven organisation and this is reflected in the policies concerning recruitment, training, and promotion which ensure that the best person gets the job, independent of subjective considerations.
Affirmative Action
Hindustan Unilever Limited is an inclusive organization which encourages diversity of all forms. HUL considers all applicants without regard to gender, religion or social background. We comply with all applicable laws governing employment practices and do not discriminate. 
Facilities for full-time employees
Benefits are provided to full-time employees, such as basic access to above-minimum wages, subsidized canteen facility, safety training and equipment, safe infrastructure and washroom facilities, irrespective of contractual status. Certain benefits extended as a result of collective bargaining agreements are available only to those groups of workmen covered by the agreements.
Notice for operational changes
The minimum notice period for any operational change with respect to terms and conditions of service is 0-3 weeks, while that for any restructuring activity is 3-6 weeks.
Employee engagement
We maintain good communication channels with employees through company based information and consultation procedures. We have several processes instituted to ensure a two-way communication channel. In 2009, we began an employee engagement programme to ensure that employees are involved in Unilever's vision and plans for the future.
Communication with employees
* CEO report back: Quarterly performance updates from the CEO to the employees. Conducted at the Head Office, webcast to all sites
* Annual Review: All managers are invited to the Annual Review in four major metros
* Young Managers Lunch with CEO: Every month the CEO meets about 10-15 young managers and has informal chat sessions about the organisation and receives their feedback
* A Global People Survey (GPS) of all Unilever employees is conducted every 2-3 years. 'GPS-Pulse', a refined version, is conducted at six-month intervals in the years when a GPS is not scheduled for managers
* Ur Say: an online portal through which employees can give suggestions addressed to the Management committee on any aspect of the organisation
* FM-Connect: All factories have FM-connect meetings that invites participation from all workmen
* Hamara: Our in-house magazine provides a platform to employees to connect, bond, inspire and express
An eye on the future
Our environment is about empowering people.
Both to contribute to our business objectives and to achieve their own personal and career goals. We also keep an eye on the future, with our...

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