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Hr Outsourcing Essay

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October 17th
How has HR changed and what needs to change for us to be successful in the future
When a person thinks of HR they might think of many different things. They might think of the person that hired, trained, fired, did the payroll, or told them about their benefits. All of these things are crucial parts of HR but you might ask, “How HR has developed from where it used to be?” It couldn’t have happened in one day and it definitely couldn’t have happened over one night. In this paper I will look at where HR has come from and where it needs to go into the future.
HR has changed immensely over the years but one of the main driving forces is the implementation ...view middle of the document...

This has led companies to use certain employment screening devices to help them find the candidates that they would want. There is no way an HR department could have handled this many applicants in the old days. Also, many big companies are having a whole 10 to 15 person team find all of the top talent. This has changed rapidly from a 1 to 2 person team in the past.
One of the last ways I have seen HR change is in interviews. In the past, there was no liability in the questions that you ask in interview. An interviewer could ask them anything (even though this was very unprofessional.) Now if you have a really chatty interview: there can be a lot of liability with the questions. For example, let’s say an interviewer asked in applicant if they have a wife. If the employer does not end up hiring that applicant: the applicant can sue and say he/she was discriminated against for having a wife. These were all issues that interviewers in the past never had to deal with.
The other side of the issue is how HR must change to be successful in the future. This starts with retaining your top talent. Bill Gates always has said, “His greatest asset walks into the door every day.” This means that the people that work at your company are far more important than the product that you can build or any service that you can provide. Great people are the driving force in a great business. HR needs to focus on retaining those people that are the top talent. This starts with a proper evaluation on why someone would want to stay with a company. Businesses think that companies retain people by just throwing money at them. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about retaining top talent. Most companies retain their top talent by giving them opportunities and responsibilities. If employees don’t think they can move up in the business, in today’s age, they will probably not stay with the company. Another way that people retain their top talent is the working environment. The environment is what surrounds an employee everyday of the week. If a person looked at their own life it is the driving force on whether a...

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