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Hr On Employee Voice Essay

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The purpose of this global sustainability report FY2014 is to evaluate whether the company provides clear information on their overall performances across the triple bottom line. The stakeholders and shareholders are interested to know how the company shapes and how they resolve social issues and environmental issues. This helps to raise corporate transparency which allow balanced and clear assessment of the company’s performance by stakeholders to facilitate corporate accountability. It also incorporates sustainability with useful data for identifying emerging issue and develops appropriate responses that helps protect corporate reputation and improve shareholder value.

In this way, it ...view middle of the document...

The two main markets are in Singapore and China and in the recent years, it has venture out to Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Besides real estate, it has also listed real estate investment trusts in Singapore, Malaysia and China.

CapitaLand published its Sustainability Reports before SGX published its Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. This has benchmark against an international standard and framework with external validation, with Top Management’s Commitment and Staff Involvement together with a set of Group-wide Sustainable Building Guidelines.

The report consists of introduction of sustainability commitment, the President & Group CEO’s Message, Financial Performances, Governance, Environment, People and Community.
These will basically summaries everything in the report.

Through this Global Sustainability Report, CapitaLand hopes to share its sustainability commitment to all stakeholders.

As announced by in the message by President & Group CEO, CapitaLand emphasis their stand as sustainable real estate developer, to build a lasting company to add value to their stakeholders. Despite a tough year in 2014, CapitaLand deliver $3.9 billion of total revenue and S$2.4 billion of earnings before interest and tax. [1] The shareholders return in 2014 was 11.9%. [2]

With sustainability strategy aligned with its belief, ‘Building People. Building Communities.’ CapitaLand continue to focus on their sustainability journey together with the stakeholders to improve economic, environmental and social well-being of the communities and also aim to improve on sustainability reporting.

The company has focus on sustainable financial performance, corporate governance, environment, human capital, occupational health and safety, community development and society compliance with national or international standards.

The material issue are potential impact of issues affecting business continuity and development. For external stakeholders, priority is given to issues important to society and relevant to CapitaLand.

In comparison, Mapletree Commercial Trust Sustainability report, organisations are committed to the development of business, environment and well-being of its stakeholders and communities which is guided by Sponsor’s corporate social responsibility framework – the “Mapletree Shaping & Sharing Programme”. (Appendix A)

Stakeholder Inclusiveness
Environment and Community Frameworks were set up respectively to create strategy and action plan to allow stakeholder involvement. Stakeholders are also involved in national policy making, share and encourage tenants, shopper residents to adopt green behaviour. Some initiatives include WWF initiative Earth Hour, ISO 14001 Certification, Active Participation in National Committees, SBU Specific Green Initiatives.

Regular tenant and resident surveys were conducted. Feedbacks were obtained from the surveys after reviewed and relevant follow-up...

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