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Hr Job Analysis

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Notes for using the Job Analysis template

Job analysis is an in-depth study of a job (not the person in the job). It provides information for job descriptions. In doing the analysis, you will need to gather information about the job, eg by interviewing employees, observing performance of certain tasks, asking employees to fill out questionnaires and worksheets, and collecting information about a job from other sources such as related units of competency.

Whatever sources you use to get basic information on what the job entails, the analysis should end up with written results that can be reviewed by the incumbent, or other employees who know the job. During the review, duties, ...view middle of the document...

Some will be relatively generic (eg teamwork, supervision, communication etc), and|
| |others will be more technical depending on the job (eg operating security equipment). |
| | |
| |Information to be collected about these items may include frequency, duration, effort, skill, complexity, |
| |equipment, standards, etc. Information can be gathered using a number of methods, for example interviewing or |
| |surveying people who are in the job, or people who know the job requirements. |
|Step 2. Analyse tasks |Tasks can be further analysed to identify the most critical or essential skills, knowledge and abilities required|
|including skills, knowledge|to perform the duties and ultimately, the job. While an incumbent may have higher knowledge, skills and |
|and abilities |abilities than those required for the job, the job analysis typically only states the minimum requirements to |
| |perform the job. |
| | |
| |There is a check box on the template for ‘essential’ or ‘desirable’. While many of the duties and tasks may seem|
| |desirable, they are not all critical. When determining how critical or essential the task and related knowledge, |
| |skills or abilities are, consider factors such as: |
| | |
| |the difficulty or criticality of the tasks being performed |
| |the impact on job outcomes |
| |the impact on the performance of other employees |
| |the consequence of error if they are not performed effectively |
| |how frequently they are performed. |

Notes for using the Job Analysis template

|Process |Explanation ...

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