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Hr Development In Malaysia Essay

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The human resource development (HRD) can hardly be denied as one of the main reason to boost the development of any country. The objective of Vision 2020 of Malaysia which is to reach the standard of living of industrialized countries by the year 2020 have been clearly communicated and disseminated to all the organizations and its employees. The specific objective of the plan is to accelerate industrial restructuring, technological upgrading, human resource development and industrial linking. HRD being one of the development factor is given priority to support the implementation of a productivity-driven growth which required ...view middle of the document...

Schools and principals will be made increasingly accountable for student performance. Skills training will be given special emphasis under the Tenth Plan to ensure that Malaysia develops the necessary human capital to meet industry’s requirements and drive productivity improvements to move up the value chain. Technical education and vocational training will also be mainstreamed, with a focus towards raising the quality of qualifications. This is key towards providing a viable alternative to enable individuals to realize their full potential, according to their own inclination and talent.
The Government will also expand programmes involving practical on-the-job training through the vocational dual training system and also through graduate internship programmes. Internships, soft-skill training and job placement initiatives will be targeted towards unemployed graduates. Reforms will be undertaken with the objective of ensuring that no child is denied the opportunity to succeed. At the same time, initiatives will be undertaken focused on nurturing the best talent and towards supporting the drive for high value-added and knowledge intensive sectors. Initiatives include the establishment of high performing schools and prestigious meritorious scholarships for top performers.Employment is expected to grow at 2.4% per annum to reach 13.2 million with an increase of 1.4 million jobs, mostly in the services sector. This is significantly higher than the 0.9 million jobs created during the Ninth Plan period. As a result, the economy is expected to remain in full employment, with an estimated unemployment rate of 3.1% in 2015.
The Ministry of Human Resources revealed that the labor environment and employment trend is forever changing due to domestic and also global influence. Creating, establishing and maintaining job opportunities in conducive investment climate is important in ensuring healthy working environment and thus benefits the manpower. Improving working environment through efficient management will contribute to the realization of decent work for employees. For the human resource development, the ministry has taken few measures towards globalization and labor environment changes, creating attractive investment climate and maintaining competitiveness, establishing a dynamic labor market, creating balance between flexibility and security in human resource management, establishing harmonious working environment, enhancing labor mobility, competency and employability, national social safety system and reducing accidents at workplace.

The effectiveness of Malaysia’s economic transformation efforts is highly dependent on the capacity of its workforce in taking the country towards the high-income nation target. As the structure of the economy shifts from low-end manufacturing and resource based activities towards a more high value manufacturing and service based environment, the national requirement for skills from...

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