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Hr Assignment

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Task One

Hunter Foods Group Ltd is a twenty-two-year-old company that specializes in the innovating & manufacturing specialty savoury snack foods of a wide range of products. At Hunter Foods Group Ltd, the management defined its objective to recruit high ...view middle of the document...

This also allows the managers to determine whether the abilities and goals of the applicant coincide with the organization’s mission and culture (Silverthorne, 2004). The second and third steps in Hunter Foods Group Ltd. process follow recruitment practices and are generally very good methods of determining whether the applicants are qualified (HRVision, 2004) and have the capacity to learn and adapt within general situations. These steps (recruitment advertisements and interviewing), however, are less able to detect beyond a superficial level whether the candidate is particularly suited to grow and develop with the organization’s vision and within its culture. However, the interview does have the capacity to gauge the applicant’s general situational intelligence and ability to communicate. Final Interview by Department Head, HR Manager & MD is held and evaluation parameters for recruitment would involve a personality mapping of employee with a view of establishing Educational Qualification, Past Work Experience, Number of years in each job, particular milestones / achievements, definition of future goads by candidate with relevance to company’s job, family background, opinion on key issues like delegation vs. centralization, means vs. ends, prejudices on nationality, religion, race, region. Each of these parameters would reveal a particular facet of a person.
Furthermore, the interview, coupled with the fourth step of placing the applicant within a scenario, allows the human resource manager to gauge the applicant’s breadth of adaptability within given (difficult) situations, as well as his/her ability to communicate. Finally, the scenario may be formulated to deal specifically with marketing issues the company faces, and the manager here has the ability to get a general idea of how well the applicant would perform within their company (HRVision, 2004).

Task Two

The psychological contract assures that employees and employers have an understanding of what is expected of each within the given employment situation (Armstrong, 2004). One of the major setbacks to many companies is the employee turnover rate, as recruitment costs money and takes time. A method of combating this problem is to ensure that employees recruited fit the culture of the organization, and that employees and employers establish an understanding regarding the psychological contract (Morrison & Robinson, 1997; Silverthorne, 2004). When the organization’s culture is understood and adopted by the employee, he/she receives much more satisfaction from the job and is likely to stay longer within the firm. Furthermore, the ability to fit within the culture facilitates the development of good working relationships, in which each employee understands his/her position within the firm and relative to colleagues (2004).
It is also necessary that job candidates display potential to grow within the company. This facilitates the recruitment of candidates for...

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