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Hp Stuff Essay

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A and B, at unit price of $4 and $12. ratio of 1 to 3. CMR= 40% and the break-even volume is 6000 (total) units. extra $1.30 per unit of each unit of product A sold in excess of 1800 and $0.90 per unit of each unit of B sold in excess of 5400 units per year. Calculate the number of A and B units to be sold to make a profit of $19800. Slope changing beyond B/E. The slope changes after X = 7200 units *+$1.30 for each unit of A beyond 1800 units. +$0.90 for each unit of B beyond 5400 units* X = (FC + NI1)/WACM1 + NI2/WACM2* NI = NI1 + NI 2 = $19800*XB/E = 6000 units*NI = (7200-6000)x4= $4800*NI2 = 19800-4800 = $15000*X = (24000 +4800)/4.00 + 15000/3.00*X = 12200 units*Made up of 3050 units of ...view middle of the document...

* NIAC – NIDC = F x (UEI – UBI) = 4 x (20,000 – 15,000)= NIAC greater by $20,000. * NIAC – NIDC = (FEI x UEI) - (FBI x UBI) = (3 x 17,500) – (4 x 15,000) = -$7,500. NIDC higher by $7,500. * Here, EI is made up of 2,500 units from Vp and 15,000 units from BI. NIAC – NIDC = (FEI x UEI) - (FBI x UBI) = {(2,500 x 3) + (15,000 x 4)} –{(15,000x 4)} = {(7,500) + (60,000)} –{(60,000)} = + $7,500 NIAC higher by $7,500.

SP/u $90, VMC/u $35, D = 40K units, V -SG&A ex/unit $5, F-SG&A $50,000, B-FOHD $800K. Assuming 30000 units were produced, the number of units that should have been sold during the year to generate an absorption costing net income of $150,000 is: Vs = (50,000 + {20 x (40,000 – 30,000)} + 150,000) / (60-20). * Sold 15000 units, the number of units that should have been produced during the year to generate absorption costing net income of $150,000 is: 15,000 = (50,000 + {20 x (40,000 – Vp)} + 150,000)/(60 - 20).

HO7. Sales Mix. Compare total MH vs LH’s available to required by each, then sum up. What is constraining factor? CM/MH or LH. Rank and produce.
HO8. Avoidable costs. Variable Manu, + FMOH + Decrease is Mkting costs = highest price paid.
HO9. V-MC $5, F-MC $1, V-MkC $2, F- MC $.50, SP $9.* Objective Function = NIN + NIO >=50,000. NIN = TCMN - FCN. Let XN = DN = Units of New Product produced and sold. FO = FOHB/DO *Therefore, FOHB = FO x DO = $0.50 x 240,000 units =...

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