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How You Came To Be Who You Are Today

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How you came to be who you are
Have you ever took the time to think of what influences as a child made you who you are as an adult today. As a child our subconscious mind can be greatly influenced by what we encounter as we grow and learn. Whether it is our siblings, peers, teachers, or parents that we learn our own values from we learn to accept them as children. With this in mind why do these values at such a young age seem to have such an impact on us as adults?
This is because our childhood influences are stepping stones to our common beliefs of what we perceive in our mind through behavioral conditioning and in later life, when we encounter new information it is then compared to ...view middle of the document...

The problem is that the new information gathered goes against our beliefs, so our minds automatically become biased against information that deviates from our normal way of life. With that being said it doesn't mean our values can't be altered, we just have to push harder towards making more open-minded judgments. Because most of our values come from our parents, changing our values can be a slow process as it is difficult to remove or modify the beliefs that have been deeply ingrained into our minds for many years of being raised a certain way.
Although many people say that they are nothing like their parents, in truth they are more likely than not to take on many of the values displayed by their parents later as an adult. Because we are completely dependent on our parents as children, if we are successfully raised we acquire many characteristics like confidence, optimism, and self esteem. However, different parenting styles affect these areas greatly based on how effective the parenting is. Just because a child is treated with love and respect it doesn't mean it is always done in the right way, which can negatively affect a child's self image. So it wasn't...

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