How We Communicate Essay

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How We Communicate?
Adrianne N. Porter
University of Phoenix
March 2, 2015
Professor Nakpangi

Communication between human beings is accomplished in a variety of ways. We tend to communicate more through speech but are not limited to oral communication. Down through history man has used smoke signals, drums, homing pigeons, hieroglyphics and other means of communication. Today we use telephone, radio, internet, emails and various other forms of communication. Our communication is either verbal, non-verbal or visual. The way and ways that we communicate tell other people a lot about us.

How do we communicate?
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Here are some Examples of Non-Verbal Communication:
Posture Eye Contact Facial Contact
Visual Communication- is a multi-disciplinary field which includes communication through the use of one’s vision and is described as the conveyance of ideas and information through sight. It includes signs, drawings, illustrations, fine arts, multi-media, and photography. Here are some examples of visual communication:
Signs Symbols
In what way can knowledge of non-verbal communication help your communication with others?
An understanding of non-verbal communication will help you to be aware of how the speaker feels about what he is saying. It also gives you clues as to how the speaker’s message is being received by the listener. Facial expressions, hand gestures, and body movements are clues to how the listener is excepting what he is hearing. Non-verbal communication can also convey meaning across languages where the speaker and the listener may not be able to understand verbally what is being said by the speaker. By increasing your understanding of signs and signals of body language, you can more readily understand other people, thereby making your communication with them more effective. The way we walk, talk, stand, and sit tell people something about us, and that which happens on the inside of us is often reflected on the outside. Understanding body language helps us to more easily read people. Being able to read a person makes communicating with them easier and more effective. (
Student Listening Inventory Results
My results from my Listening Inventory, really made me think, about my listening skills.
What I Do Well
1. If I’m not sure of a word the...

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