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How Was The Film "Sergeant York" Highly Patriotic In Spirit And Why? And How Did The Film "Apocalypse Now" Critisize American Military And Society In General, And Why?

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Being a Democratic society, we are allowed to express our opinions both positively and negatively against the government without being punished for our views. Movies are just another way for writers to express their opinions. When it comes to wars, as is currently the situation in Iraq, citizens are naturally divided on our country’s participation in a war that many do not feel directly affects them. If the writer’s view of the war is negative, he will create a film that is critical of both the military and society in general. If the writer favors the country’s participation in the war, he will usually make the film more patriotic in spirit.An ...view middle of the document...

As a born-again Christian, Sergeant York had a hard time reconciling his religious beliefs with killing the enemy. However, by using his talent as a sharp-shooter, he was able to save many of his troops’ lives in battle. By emphasizing the good that came out of his marksmanship talent instead of the fact that he was killing people, the film appears to gloss over the loss of life and instead focus on the main character’s patriotism. Such a movie at the time was needed in order to pull the country together in the war effort. By using both a real life character and well-know actors, the film succeeded in making the audience feel more patriotic.For writers with an opposing viewpoint on war, presenting a more critical commentary would get their message across. An example of such an unfavorable film on war is Apocalypse Now. This movie is filled with scenes of hate and disrespect toward the opposing country. This movie on the Vietnam War reflects the opinion of the country that believes we should never have been there. It portrays the ugly side of war with crazy soldiers being unleashed on innocent citizens. The movie portrays our soldiers as cold-blooded killers taking out an entire village of women and children in order to allow the character to go surfing in the nearby countryside. Such behavior would be considered anything but patriotic. This movie portrays our soldiers as the “bad guys” in the war and therefore reason enough not to have gotten involved.

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