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How Was Roman Architecture More Alborate Than The

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The Roman useage of the arch in collaberation with the vaulted dome helped to make their buildings much more elaborate than their predicessers, the Greeks. While the greeks made beautiful usage of columns and elaborate exterior carvings, the Roman arches and vaults proved more difficult to construct and are quite more pleasing to the eye. Though the columns used in Greece had quite decorative touches to them such as their Ionic, Corinthian, and Doric stylings the arch allowed for much more artistic room. The Arch de Triumph in France (contructed for Napoleon's troops many victories) is a perfect example of just how much more eye appealing an arch can be. The arch was invented pre-rome -- but ...view middle of the document...

Used as a buririal site for a great kings wife, the Taj Mahal consists of an enormous vaulted dome after a gargantuan arched entrance. Just with a brief glance at this structure you will notice a lack of columns. Try and imagine the front arch as just two simple, even corinthian columns. The effect would simply not be the same. Not only do the numerous arches lining the walls of the Taj Mahal add aesthetic value to the monument but help provide support for the massive vaulted "onion" dome."The crowning glory of the Pantheon, however is it's vast vaulted ceiling, which rises boldly to the oculus, an eye like opening." 1 The Pantheon was constructed over roughly a 10 year period between 118 and 128 AD and is located in Rome. The original idea was posed by Emperor Hadrian and was meant to honor all the gods. What makes this monument so spectacular and elaborate is the dome which rises 142 feet and creates a 29 foot wide oculus (opening in the ceiling to let in pure unfiltered sunlight) at it's apex. On the more technical side, the Pantheon when measured creates an absoultly perfect circle. Embedded into the walls adorning the Pantheon are arches, though they cannot be seen, they provide the structural integrity required to hold the Pantheons roof. If you were to compare this building to almost any Greek building of it's time you would find the Pantheon to be much more complex in it's enginering and much more good looking. The Greek equivilant of the Pantheon would be a flat circular stone supported by Ionic styled columns around the circular stone with a statue on top. In my personal opinion, the Pantheon is much more stylish.Bielawa 1 "Before the Greeks came in contact with Egyptian culture, the basic plan of the Greek Temple had been well established -- a rectangle, with columns along the front, sides, and back and usually in double rows down the interior of the main room, which housed a cult image.[....] The walls were typically mud brick, the roof mud covered or thatched, and the columns wood." 2 Of the surviving structures in Greece, the Parthenon is one of the largest and most rememberable but it still does not compare to the Panthenon. The Parthenon had a large and long triangular roof. A simple set of columns were used to support the two sides of the Parthenons roof and another row for its roof. All along the Parthenon were statues and deocrative paintings not a single arch, not a single dome. Greek buildings were not complex, they were simple yet still deep. The Parthenon is one example of this theory, columns and statues. One typical Roman building which consisted of maybe even less materials than the Parthenon could support numerous arches and possibly a few domes. Not only would the Roman building be more stable, it would be more pleasing. Roman architecture worked on two levels, structural integrity and aesthetics. So basically in Rome you got the most for your money."The trick for the...

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