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How To Write Persuasive Letter Essay

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November 12, 2013
Mr. Joseph Mattion
291 Carolinea Crescent
North York, ON M29 8A0

Dear Mr. Mattion:
Are you tired of planning private parties? Are you concerned about the cost? We got a solution for you! If you make an appointment by December 1st, we are offering 15 percent discount on all catering services. When you present the enclosed coupon, the party will include free five champagnes.
i-Cater has always provided exceptional catering service at affordable costs. It is simple and smart way to order catering service with touch of a one button. Our company is famous for online booking and ordering systems that can be done through your ...view middle of the document...

We price-match our service with competitors and we guarantee the lowest price.
* Convenience. Our website is designed so that any person can use it without any problems. We offer 24/7 live technical service for those who have problems with ordering.
* Exceptional Service. Our customers provides us with feedback and according to our previous customers, our customer service satisfaction is averaged at 10 out of 10. We offer money back if the customer is not satisfied with our catering service.
* Variety. We are partnered with over twenty restaurants to provide you a wide variety of food.
* Membership program. We provide memberships to our customers for exclusive offers and to aid in planning the party at no cost.
* Timely. We are capable to provide you with our excellent service in a timely manner. Book an appointment before 4 p.m the night before and you will have a catering service, the next morning.
For more information on i-Cater friends and family promotion, see the enclosed information package or visit You can download our company’s application to make the catering process easy or call us toll-free at 1-888-2283-7464 (1-888-CATERING). If you want to find out more promotions and offers please visit us at
Either through application, online system, or telephone, place your order and book an appointment today!


P.S Place your order by November 20th and you can get an additional discount of 10% for your order.

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