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Guidelines for Literature/Review Proposal
DUE APRIL 9, 2008 Introduction The introduction to the literature review/proposal orients the reader to the problem under study and has three parts. First, you need to provide a statement of the problem. This statement sets out the general reasons that the research area is important. You might indicate the prevalence of the problem, its relevance or cost, its importance to theory, the relative absence of knowledge, some contradictory research, etc. Prevalence statistics, knowledge gaps, contradictory research, the need for theory testing, presence of puzzling anomalies, etc. help to make your case here. Secondary ...view middle of the document...

This can be done in terms of a general overview of the field, with a description of a classic study or studies, on the basis of history of the field, grounded in a theory to be tested, or with other context setting methods. Critically evaluate the current research in the field to provide specific reasons why your proposed study will make a contribution to the literature. This has two related parts. First, you want to show some deficiency in the literature. This may involve (a) some weakness in previously used methods, (b) builds on or extends previous research, and/or (c) shows how new knowledge will help theoretically or practically. Second, on the basis of your critique of the existing literature, show why your proposed study is the best way to investigate the question. As you review studies, discuss the specific limitations in the internal and/or external validity. Describe what needs to be done differentially to improve on the body of knowledge (e.g., better instruments, more representative sampling, ruling out alternative explanations, etc.). This provides the specific basis for the importance of your study. If you are proposing a quantitative study, give the rational for the hypotheses you are proposing. Very briefly summarize the main points of the review. The task is to determine what general conclusions do or do not follow from the literature you reviewed. Consider the weight of the evidence for specific and general conclusions. If the majority of studies support the same or similar conclusions, it can be drawn more confidently than if the evidence is mixed. When there is mixed

EMR 6400

Fundamentals of EMR

evidence, be sure to qualify your conclusions as appropriate. A good way to know if you have succeeded here is that the reader should be able to guess your hypotheses based on this section. If you are proposing a qualitative study, provide a similar summary that suggests the importance of the foreshadowed problems in which you are interested. State your hypotheses clearly. If your literature review/proposal suggests directional hypotheses, write them this way. If the literature is ambiguous, write them as non-directional hypotheses. If you are proposing a qualitative study, list the foreshadowed problems to which you would attend in the research. Recommended length: 3 – 6 pages Methods Section Write a brief methods section in which you describe four characteristics in four subsections about your proposed study. The first subsection (Subjects) describes the population from which you plan to sample and all relevant sampling considerations. The second subsection (Design) should describe the general research design you plan to use: Experimental, ex post facto, correlational, participantobserver, historical, etc. Include a statement suggesting which data analysis method you would propose (e.g., ANOVA, multiple regression, grounded theory, etc.). Make sure that your design is consistent with your stated research question and...

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