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How To Smile Essay

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How to Smile
John Lennon once said, “Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.” If his saying was true, most people must be two or three hundred years old according to their face-book pages. However, their life must be miserable since I hardly see anyone smile to a strange on a busy street anymore. Smile and be happy are not just a formal act of friendliness, but it’s also a way to experience life. Although no one can be happy all the time, you can practice convincing yourself to be happy, because after all life is too precious to waste it.
As a waiter, customers often asked me, “You smile all the time, how can you be happy every day?” I answer ...view middle of the document...

After meeting with therapist and taking medication, they really changed my life. But the most important thing that saved my life is this realization that I had. Life is too short to care what other people are thinking about you. I am not lucky to have a nice parents, I was exposed to bullies. But I am not going to held back by other people’s opinions of me anymore. I do not want to look back on my one chance on life and regret everything in it. I used to want to be perfect. I wanted everyone to like me, so I was terrified to make a mistake. So, I would either stay quiet in groups, or avoid the situation all together. I learn to fake my smile and being confident. When people reacted positively to that, I slowly become truly happy and confident in myself. It’s hard, and I put myself in a lot of uncomfortable situations, but it all paid off. I have some really great friends, I have a girlfriend, and I got a job at the restaurant when the owner saw my attitude. Sometimes I still get depressed, I have bad days, but never like I did before.
There is really just one truth that we must learn and be constantly reminded of in order to maintain happiness. We are lucky to be alive. You could have died yesterday. You could die tomorrow. You could have never been born at all. You are lucky, unbelievably lucky, to be alive today. It is too easy to forget the measureless probability against our being. It is too easy to take tomorrow for granted. We take for granted that we wake up each morning, to breath clean air and drink clean water. We take for granted that we have eyes that reveal to us a beautiful world of color and ear to listen to wonderful sound. We need to change our perspectives. Human have inhabited Earth for about...

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