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How To See The World Essay

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How to see the world

I think that we are inclined to accept that it is true after we watch just one side of the fact, which means our opinions or views of point are apt to be contaminated by distorted information or prejudiced sight through this process. For this reason, reading a short speech by Mario Cuomo and the opening passage of A Tale of Two Cities written by Charles Dickens gave us good examples about how to see the fact or the world. Their writings warn us to be careful not to see just one side of the fact when we accept the reality. So, in this essay, I would like to review their writings to confirm what kinds of methods they used in their writings to express their views of ...view middle of the document...

According to Mario Cuomo, there are a lot of people suffered from appropriate welfare system in America. So it was inadequate for the president to regard his country as “a shining city on a hill”. For this reason, Mario Cuomo criticized the narrow viewpoint of the president by describing his country as “Tale of Two cities”

Secondly, let’s move to the opening passage of “A Tale of Two Cities”.
Charles Dickens began his writings with explanations about the historical background of the time. He made use of contrast in order to explain the background. For example, he used a lot of contrast words such as “best/worst”, “wisdom/foolishness”, “belief/incredulity”, “light/darkness” and “hope/despair”[2] to describe the background in 1775(when the novel was written).

Also, he tried to connect the background of the time in novel with that of the time when the novel was written. This novel’s background is the French revolution. I think that a revolution happens when a society is in chaos, when the powers of each class collide with each other very fiercely. Therefore, dickens’s trial- using contrast to set up the background of the time- was a proper way to describe the atmosphere of the pre-Revolutionary situation.

However, it is not a...

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