How To Secure Your Systems Essay

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How to Secure Your Systems
Networking Security Fundamentals
CIS 333
July 28, 2012

How to Secure Your Systems

When we think about technology we think of all the capabilities it gives us and also the headaches it brings. In today's technological world there are many vulnerabilities to the computer networks that we have. If there is a malicious attacker exposes these vulnerabilities can affect the company in many ways. We know that your business could be interrupted causing you thousands of dollars in damage. Not only could you lose business by your network going down, but you can also lose consumer confidence, and ensure the possible penalties imposed on you by the government for not ...view middle of the document...

It is a solution or system that if managed and configured properly will assist in the fortification of your network by telling you if someone has attempted to gain access or has gained access to your network. (Kim & Solomon; 2012).
There are two basic types DMZ’s, which are back to back and three homed. The back-to-back is placed between two firewalls, which are either program or hardware setups used to block unwanted traffic. The three-homed DMZ is one that has three separate networks. One network goes to the public network, the other goes to your private network, and the third is the one that contains those machines that are running the applications or services that you have in your DMZ. Each company can configure their DMZ with whatever services they want, so although they might be the same basic type they will still be different. One can also have multiple zones within their DMZ so that it adds protection in case one of their zones gets intruded and brought down, the others will still be operational. One can have separate levels of security added to those zones so that the different applications can be grouped into different security levels. Other solutions can be added to your DMZ, some of those are Honeypots, and IDS’s. Honeypots are programs designed to invite attackers to gain access to it so that the attacker’s methods and tools used are recorded. Another solution is an IDS’s, which is a monitor or a sensor that can be placed at various parts of your network so that you can monitor the traffic that is going through that particular fragment.
Mitigating program security vulnerabilities has its challenges because programs are instigated in a variety of languages and contain serious vulnerabilities which might be demoralized to cause security breaches. These vulnerabilities have been exploited in real life and caused damages to related stakeholders such as program users. As many security vulnerabilities belong to program code, many techniques have been applied to mitigate these vulnerabilities before program deployment. Unfortunately, there is not wide-ranging comparative analysis of different vulnerability alleviation works. As a result, there exists an obscure mapping between the techniques, the addressed vulnerability, and the boundaries of different methodologies. There are three approaches that can be employed to mitigate the most common program security vulnerabilities: secure programming, program security vulnerability alleviation approaches and challenges as well as their key characteristics and boundaries.
When you think of just a few of these attacks where are they mainly coming from and how can we try to prevent this potential malicious attacks from happening. I know that we have already discussed a few of them but here are more. These threats can come in as the following format, email viruses, website viruses, e-mail spam and malware, release of PPI or confidential data and hackers. Ways to prevent this for happening is if...

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