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How To Save The Ailing Earth From Vehicular Pollution

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Print Durability
A page printed on the highest quality print setting can have the ink scraped off rather easily with a fingernail. Lower quality print settings do not pile up as much ink and are more durable but the ink can still scrape off.
Warm-up time
When the device is cold the first page may take several minutes to print. However, once the printer is warmed up, the time to print the first page is negligible.
Power consumption
The ink must be heated and a large portion of the printing mechanism must be kept at or near the ink's melting point during use. When the printer is in "sleep mode", most units keep a small pool of each color wax within the printhead heated ...view middle of the document...

Printer damage from moving
The printer contains melted wax when at operating temperature, and owners' manuals warn that it cannot be moved until it has completed a special cool-down cycle selected from the machine's control panel. Cool down time by merely removing mains power is recommended as 30 minutes, but all modern solid ink printers have a shutdown cycle which use fans to solidify the ink in less than ten minutes, with the added benefit of physically restraining the printhead to prevent damage during moving or shipping. The manuals warn that substantial damage is possible otherwise, requiring servicing by a trained technician if not properly cooled down before moving the printer. Moving the printer before cool down completes can damage the print head by spilling molten ink between reservoirs of different color as well as over other components inside the printer (motors, belts, et cetera), and is not covered under maintenance or warranty.
As the printer must melt wax blocks as part of its warm-up and printing process, the printer will give off a distinctive smell that continues throughout the life of the printer. It smells similar to a mix of hot wax, pine trees, and cedar. This problem has been eliminated in more recent printers due to reformulated ink.
High-speed Moving Parts
In order to transfer the ink to the sheet of paper, the printer includes a large internal drum, which is rotated at a high speed. Over time, the belt that moves the drum may stretch, or other...

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