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How To Raise Your Child Essay

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How to raise your child
Raising a child demands time and effort and being a good parent can be very complicated. There is no wrong or right when raising a child, but there sure are consequences. At home, it is often the parents who are in control and it is of course important what they decide, but what's more important for the child's health and well-being is how they decide it. A child's behavior depends a lot on how it is raised. Do the parents for instance raise their child dictatorial, democratic, flexible or just kind of random?
There has now become bigger focus on what we call Chinese tiger mothers. Some may say that their way of raising children is almost dictatorial but there has actually become a bigger ...view middle of the document...

Suicide among Chinese youth has been a significant problem in China in the past years. There are several causes for young people's suicide but in many cases, the high number of suicides every year relates to the fear of performing badly in exams and the fear of not getting a job when finishing school. A lot of graduates are unable to find jobs a year or more past graduation and that can maybe also be why the tiger mothers put so much pressure on their children, because in China it does not matter if you are good. You need to be the best.
Of course, it is good for China as a country to get this successful and intelligent youth, but the strict way of raising children is also creating a society where there is no room for the weak ones. How will the dyslexic children for instance get the right help if there is only focus on the best students? We also know that if a parent raises their child with a lot of screaming and scolding, it will lower the child's self-esteem. However, the child might regain that self-esteem when they see results in the shape of good grades or success with an instrument.
Both the Chinese and the Western way of parenting have their benefits and consequences. As a parent, you do not have to choose one specific way of raising your child, because it is very different how a child reacts to a certain way of parenting. Some might get low self-esteem and end up isolating themselves from the world and some might end up being successful musicians or rich business managers. As a parent your every action has a consequence, so you have to make sure that it is one you intend.

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