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How To Put An End To The Backwardness Of The Rural English Teaching

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How To Put An End to The Backwardness of The Rural English Teaching
Summary: Rural junior English teaching has received more and more attention. As the current situation of rural junior English teaching is severe, there is a long way to go to change the situation, while from the first beginning of the change, we should find effective methods to teach and learn more effectively.
Key words: Rural junior English teaching Change Efficiency
With the further progress of the foreign language teaching in our country, the standard of English course of 2001 put forward several new requires to junior English teaching. As to kinds of reasons known to all, there are still many disadvantages ...view middle of the document...

They themselves sometimes don’t have the high level of capability of listening, speaking, reading and writing, let alone the artistry of teaching.
We are all clear that the problem of stuff and equipments can’t be solved at the drop of a hat. The best way to settle it is to make great use of the mow-existing resources of English stuff and equipments, and figure out creative methods to help rural students learn English well, including to recite more efficiently, to pronounce more correctly ,and to use English more casually.
A.Students in countryside don’t have the chance to take English courses until they attend high schools, and they don’t have the assisting equipments like electrified dictionaries as their counterparts in cities. They tend to recite words by the aid of Chinese or phonetic alphabet, so the English teachers should help them get rid of the bad habit, and teach them more effective methods, I have some recommends to them:
①.Make full use of the body. We should not only teach the students to use their ears to listen ,the eyes to see ,the mouth to read, and the hands to write, but also to use their fingers to touch ,the heart to remember, the tongue to taste, which makes the memory more profound and not so easy to forget.
②.Use the pronunciation to recite.
③.Analyze the formation of words.
④Apply association memory.
⑤Frequently use effective and timely review and test.
B.We all know that students in countryside have little accessible way to English atmosphere, thus their pronunciation is worse than their vocabulary. Pronunciation is a important factor influencing reciting, if we can change the situation and improve the students’ pronunciation, it will be like killing two birds with one stone. Here several suggestions can be referred:
①The teachers should pinpoint the importance of pronunciation from the first class, to leave the students the realization ,arising their attention.
②Based on the current situation that the teachers themselves can’t speak English well, we advise using the recorder as often as possible.
③There is a urgent require that the English teachers should learn more and acquire more.
C.Students in schools though learn English everyday, but they still can’t apply it into everyday life, while in nowadays ,the capability of using English is emphasized more...

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