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Professionalism Paper

It is very important if you are working in the medical field to make sure are professional at all times. I think that its a important factor because we have the care of another person in our hands and they are trusting us. I think it would be hard for a person to trust someone with their care if they are not dressed for the part. Its just not what you have one, it’s also about how you look over all.

Its very important to make sure that you have the proper uniform on for being a MA. The proper uniform is a clean, ironed pair of scrubs. Scrubs are a type of clothing that is used by everyone in all fields of medical from doctors, pharmacists, Veterinarians, Nurses, Dentist, Dental Assistants, ect. You want to look and clean at all times, never wear scrubs that you were ...view middle of the document...

Also you do not want your hair to get in the way when you are treating patients. It can get blood or urine in it from a patient, or it can just be in the way. It can also be a distraction and a irritant. Its also important that you do not have long nails, they also can get in the way. Most places do not allow fake nails due to the fact that they carry bacteria and they can make patients more sick. Also no loud colors of nail polish it can look tacky and offend elderly patients.

You want to make sure that if you have tattoos or piercings that you cover them. Tattoos can be scary to some patients or even offend people. It seems that a lot of people now a days have tattoos put in the medical field you work with all types of people and what might mean one thing to you might mean another thing to someone else. The best way to cover Tattoos is to wear a long sleeve shirt under your scrub top at all times. If you have piercings you can take them out or put clear ones it its place.

When you go out on an interview you want to make sure you are ready. You want to wear a pair of slacks or dress pants. If you are planning on wearing a skirt make sure it is long. You want o cover your body, do not show breast and butt crack. It will make you look sloppy and tacky and an employer is not looking for that. You want to wear a blazer not a jacket in the interview. Never wear stilettos, Ugg boots, Flipflops, gym shoes, high boots unless wearing a long skirt. You do not want to wear a lot of make up remember less is better. Do not wear long, flashy earrings or a lot of rings or loud bracelets. When you dress professionally you act more professional, be conservative and confident go in with a great attitude that you can do this. You only have one time to make a first impression, you want to make sure it was a great one and that you stand out in a positive way against all the other people that they have interviewed.

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