How To Plan A Party Essay

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How to plan a party
Planning a birthday a party can be fun and exciting. The anticipation that the planner feels waiting for the reaction of the birthday person brings as much, if not more joy, than it will bring to the person the party is being thrown for. When planning a party there are many important details to be remembered: location, guest list, decorations, and food. Organization is a major key in order for things to run smoothly. As the party planner you should begin by writing out a to-do list. The guest is always the first priority.
When choosing a guest list it is crucial to invite only those who you are sure the birthday person likes. By inviting people who are unwanted creates unnecessary drama. Also, never be afraid to invite more people than you want to come to the party. ...view middle of the document...

After you have confirmed that the date, place, and time are all available it is time to choose the food for the party.
After choosing a date, place, and time, the food should be the easiest part of all. Finger foods are always the best route to go, because they are simple and you have a wide range of variety. However if budget is an issue you can prepare simple platters such as fruit plates, sandwich trays, cheese and cracker trays, and vegetable trays. This is also the time to order the cake. The cake should match something that the birthday person has an interest in. Also you should provide a variety of drinks such as, water, soda, and alcohol, if age appropriate.
To ensure your guests will have a jolly time have great entertainment planned. A DJ is generally a great choice, but they can be costly. If it is possible, have a friend DJ the party for you. A party really is not complete without good music. If you need other entertainment that fits your budget try planning age appropriate games. When choosing games your options are basically endless, as long as they are age appropriate and fit your budget. So use your imagination and be creative.
Finally send out your invites, and be sure to include an r.s.v.p with a deadline. Make sure the deadline is at least a week before the party. This will allow you time to make changes if necessary. Include an end note informing your guest that food and drinks will be provided, however a light meal before hand is encouraged. Once your r.s.v.p. deadline has come you can decide if you need to order more or less food for the party, as well as, any other things you may have forgotten previously.
Planning a birthday party is simple it just requires time and dedication. Not only are they simple, but they can be quite inexpensive so long as you budget properly. If you follow these steps your planning will go stress, and hassle free. Your party will have a great turn out ,and be the talk of the town.

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