How To Overcome Public Speaking Fear

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English Composition I, B

Professor Beatrice Hsu

24 October 2011


How to Overcome Fears of Speaking English in Public

Subject: Techniques of overcoming fears

Purpose: To help students get rid of fears by clear steps

Audience: Students who are shy or inexperienced in public speaking

Thesis Statement: Step by step overcoming public speaking phobia


Point out that everyone has his or her fear

State that overcoming fear requires effort and practices

Step1- well preparation of the speech

Step2- Keep rehearsing the speech

Step3-Focus on the content of the speech but not others

Do you recall the recent time you wanted to express something so intensely in public but�fear�got in your way? We all share those common moments when we ...view middle of the document...

That is to be well prepared of the content of your speech. You must understand your audience and what they expect and plan the content of the speech base on that. For example, if you are speaking to a group of teachers, your language and presentation will be different than if you were speaking to a group of secondary students.

Secondly, `Practice makes perfect'. There is no excuse for not rehearsing your presentation or speech. As this process�provides you the opportunity to hear what you're saying out loud, allowing you to refine the language, enhance your stories or examples, go over transitions and key points in your presentation, and get a better sense of what content works and what doesn't.� It is strongly recommended to run through your presentation as many times as possible until you feel completely comfortable and confident with the material.

After careful and tough preparation, it is crucial stay or at least, pretends to be confident. Sometimes speakers are so nervous that they lose their breath which sounds like they just ran a marathon. �If you find yourself out of breath, just�pause for one extra second, take a small sip of water, and continue your speech.�

Last but not the least, most speakers get nervous because they focus too much on what the audience is thinking of them, their proficiency, and what they "should" be doing. The reality is that most audiences are very forgiving and don't spend a lot of time thinking about your performance as a speaker. They came to listen to you because of your content. Most people don't care if you look at your notes or lose your place for a minute. Remember that you have a message to share; some specific ideas to transfer or teach to your audience. That's why they are here. It's about your message but not how you look.
Let's conclude with one famous quote from Swedish proverb, "Worry gives a small thing a big shadow."


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