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Corporate Finance


Group assignment
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Group assignment instructions
The objective of the group assignment is to promote deep thinking on a selected range of topics and to develop your practical quantitative modelling skills. The assessment is a group assignment and should be performed in your allocated groups (usually between 4 and 6 people). Seeking assistance from anyone outside your group or providing assistance to any other group constitutes academic misconduct and will be taken seriously by the university (however, you are allowed to provide assistance to the other members of your own group). If there is any significant similarity between the reports submitted by ...view middle of the document...

One member of your group should submit a list of leaders by email to me identifying the names of the members of your group and which question they will be attempting by the due date listed in the subject outline to (please CC the email to your other group members). If you swap questions, then you can re-submit your list of leaders to me at a later date. The answer to each question in your assignment should be less than 1,500 words. The title page, appendices and list of references are not included in this word limit. However, tables in the body of your answer are included in the word count. If you have a large table of numbers to insert then you may insert it as an image so that the numbers are not included in the word count. As such, the word count is simply the number calculated by MS Word when selecting the main body of your answer. You should note that appendices will not be marked. They should only be used for detailed information that supports your answer but is not central to it. Your answer should use the document template provided on the subject website under ‘Assessments … Group Assignment’. You should include the details requested on the title page in the template provided including the leader’s names and details and the details of the other members of the group. The leader should also make sure that the checkbox next to each of the declarations has been checked (you can click on them with your mouse). After you have entered your details, please make sure that you name your file using the format indicated under the Declaration on page 1 of the template. Your filename should look something like this: ClassCode-Q#-YourGroupNumber-YourStudentID.docx Fonts: You should use only Arial or Helvetica fonts. © Snowballing Ideas Pty Ltd

Corporate Finance


If your question asks you to submit a spreadsheet then you will need to embed the spreadsheet as an object at the end of your Microsoft Word document. Instructions for how to do this are included at the end of the Microsoft Word template provided on the subject website. You should submit the question(s) for which you are the leader on the subject website (under ‘Assessments … Group Assignment’). A separate link will be provided for each question. Only one Microsoft Word file should be submitted per question and it should only include the answer to that question. You will be assessed based on three criteria: 1. Leadership results (50%): Your mark on the question for which you are the leader. If you lead on two questions then it will be based on the highest mark for the two questions for which you are the leader. Quantitative questions will be graded on your level of skill when selecting and explaining the variables selected and your ability to correctly apply the models and principles covered in this subject. Qualitative questions will be graded based on both the depth and specificity of your answer. 2. Group results (50%): The average mark received by your...

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