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How To Make A Successful Negotiation With The Japanese

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I. OVERVIEW OF JAPAN Japan is an Eastern Asia country, located in the North Pacific Ocean. It is surrounded by the sea, and it is an archipelago of 6,852 islands. The word “Japan” is characterized with “sun-origin”, and then the country is also referred to the name “Land of Rising Sun”. Japan has the tenth largest population in the world, and in worldwide, no others possess the population per square root which is as dense as Japan‟s. Due to a large population as well as the highest density of population in the world, Japanese society is known as the most homogeneous one because Japanese people live with too many other people in the ...view middle of the document...

The nation is also famous for its own landscapes and traditional occupations, which have provided a strong and stable foundation for the development of tourism. II. ANALYSIS OF JAPANESE CULTURE 1. The Hofstede’s Culture Dimension Theory According to the Hofstede‟s Culture Dimension Theory, the Japanese culture is characterized as below: - High power distance: There is a big gap between the leader and his subordinates. This results from the fundamental ideology in Japanese culture, which is an Eastern Asia culture, in which the elder are respected by the younger, and they often get high positions due to the age and years

of experience. In Japanese companies, the elder are always leaders, and the younger are only subordinates. The decision-making power in Japanese culture is centralized and autocratic, which means it lies in the hand of a single person, even if there are various teams existing the company. Therefore, seniority is an important factor in a Japanese company since it proves one‟s years of development and experience - Collectivistic society: It focuses on integration of individual into the groups and teams. Integration in Japanese business may be found in any kind of activities such as training, education or even punishment since they promote individual integration into the community. Therefore, the way that a person is treated in Japanese society depends on the group to which the person belongs. And from the matter above, Japanese business rules and tasks become less important than relationships among colleagues in the group. - Masculine community: Japanese community emphasizes the achievement and competition inside the group. Within the organization, emotions and feelings are hardly expressed. And as a masculine society, women have difficulty achieving equality in the group, in this case, it means high positions. - High Uncertainty Avoidance: Japanese people do not highly appreciate uncertainty in the work. They want to control the situations without any unexpected events during the process. Therefore, they have a doubled-checking action made by the right-hand man and the boss after the consultation with the group. Thus, this factor reflects that Japanese business is informationfocused. - Long-term Orientated Business: The culture sees the company as an eternal structure, the company leaders pay no concerns to immediate and short-term profits. What they expect is the way that the company develops, in which individuals are able to improve their competencies through training and education. In addition, senior officials play the decisive role in guiding the development of company, in general, and of employees, in particular. 2. The main features of the Japanese Culture 2.1. The Japanese Business Organization The relationship of lifetime mutual reliance has been existed between the Japanese enterprises and their employees. This not only involved the aspect of economic benefits but also the aspect of employees‟ loyalty to an...

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