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How To Make A Good Oral Presentation

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Make a good oral presentation could be easy but some aspects that we have to consider first of all, it means answer some questions:
Who is our audience? Age, genre, if they are students or workers, if the group is hetero or homogeneous etc.
Where are we going to expose our speech? In other word the context: it is clear that it is not the same if our audience is of middle age women in a meeting of amateur theater actresses or middle age women but in a conference for theater directors, for instance.
When have we to talk? Starting a conference in the morning or closing it in the afternoon, maybe after days of different presentations, and, of ...view middle of the document...

For the same reason use captatio benevolentiae is another of the tools means to be at the beginning: we are not perfect, we are human, we are in front of a micro just because we are going to share with somebody else what we already learned, nothing more nothing less. It could be true or not, but present ourselves as perfect superior creatures that can not be wrong never, dispose our audience in a negative attitude that hampers communication.
Secondly, it is good to set the conference, provide audience with a context, from general to particular, the main topic, and the reasons why that subject was chosen. Explain the developing of the theme in order to clarify the audience what they are going to listen to; this is helpful to avoid “bad choices”, that is to say if someone is unfortunately in the wrong conference hall because he/she had wrong expectations about the theme. In this moment of our oral presentation is essential to catch the attention of the audience: it may be possible they are in because of misunderstanding, but it does not mean that, after a clear exposition of our purposes, they will not decide to stay and enjoy the conference. It is always a pleasure to be positively surprised, doesn't it?
Another point we have to keep in mind is that, even under the aspect of “common people”, the image we pretend to reflect after what we said more above, we are the commander in chief, we are at the helm and set the course. To maintain the control of the situation in every moment, it is crucial to have perfectly in mind what we are going to talk about, which is the order of the singular parts and the time we will need for each part. Sharing these knowledge with our public, at least quickly, give them a clear view of the subject, too. It will be easier for them to follow the developing in a logical sequence, at the same time they feel like be active part it.
Once you have left these points clear, you can start with the body of the conference. Contextualize it in details, use funny or interesting, curious quotations to keep the attention wakes up. Respect the order you predict leaving questions and doubts at the end: this helps you to stay focused on your purpose as well as your audience. Be clear but try to make it interesting: even a public of adults can lose its attention if you always use the same voice tone, if the conditions of the conference stay the same minute after minute, if you never interact with them, if they are not part of the process. So do not forget to look at them while you are speaking because they are your thermometer: if there are mouths opening, people chatting, movement in the hall etc. these are all signs that something is going wrong because you are losing their attention. If so, you have to do something to attract it: enchant your public and they will follow you till the end. Your oral exposition has to be something people will say it meant to be there. For it remember and use all rhetorical features you consider...

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