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Carlos 1 CARLOS, Meneleo Angelo R. IV #144647 Ms. Dierdre Camba English 12 December 18, 2014 College Love, Relationships, and its Effects on a Student's Academic and Personal Life Annotated Bibliography

1. Pereira, M. Graca, Ebru Taysi, Faith Orcan, Frank Fincham. “Attachment, Infidelity, and Loneliness in
College Students Involved in a Romantic Relationship: The Role of Relationship Satisfaction, Morbidity, and Prayer for Partner”. Contemporary Family Therapy 36.3 (2014): 333. Print This study examined the mediating effects of relationship satisfaction, prayer for a partner, and morbidity in the relationship between attachment and loneliness, infidelity and loneliness, and psychological ...view middle of the document...

This will serve as an excellent reference towards obtaining the data I need. Pamela C. Regan's background as a pschology graduate from the California State University in Los Angeles, United States, shows that she is a credible source. Her articles and books were featured in a parent book series entitled “Sex, Love, and Psychology”, further buffing the status as a reliable author.

3. McAnulty, Richard D., David P. McAnulty. Infidelity in college dating relationships. n.p., 2012. Print.
In this review, the authors were concerned with the topic of infidelity in college dating relationships. What was not discussed were studies on infidelity among married or cohabiting couples unless those studies also included unmarried, noncohabitating couples. The term "infidelity" to refer to any form of emotional or sexual

Carlos 2 intimacy with a person other than one's primary partner. Because the vast majority of studies in this area have relied on unmarried heterosexual college students, several other types of relationships were left out. While this source is much more specific in comparison to the others, I need this in order to assess the role of certain problematic situations in a relationship (like cheating) and how it may affect each side of the relationship. Belonging to the parent book series “Sex, Love, Psychology” (similar to the previous source cited), this article is credible due to both authors having also written multiple articles in the past.

4. Barrameda, Joanner C. Gender Differences in the Perceptions on Intimate Relationship and Marriage Among Freshman
College Students from Broken Families. n.p. 2007. Print. This study explored the gender difference in the perceptions on intimate relationship and marriage of first year college student coming from broken families. There were thirty respondents in this study which comprised of fifteen males and fifteen females from the College of Arts and Sciences of Ateneo de Naga University S/y 2006-2007. This study will help me to take into account the personal lives of students before a relationship begins, as well as research on the the different perceptions and views students have on relationships. As a graduate of the Ateneo de Naga's Psychology department, the author, Joanner C. Barrameda, can be seen as a reliable source.

5. Cottle, N.R., Thompson, A.K., Burr, B.K., Hubler, D.S. The Effectiveness of Relationship Education in the College
Classroom. Routledge, 2014. Print. Relationship education promotes practices and principles of premarital education, relationship resources, relationship restoration, relationship maintenance, and evidence-based marriage education. It assists young, emerging adults understand these concepts. These concepts must be taken into account in my research paper. The authors affiliations with the Department of Behavioral Science, Utah Valley University, the Department of Human Environmental Sciences, University of Central Oklahoma, and the Department of Child and Family...

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