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How To Improve Your Work Situation

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IntroductionThis paper consists of a made up company since I am a full time housewife and does not work. The project name is Service Central Project. The projects business name is Housewives Hotline. The project manager is Lauren Newcomb and the project activity is to develop a better help desk for the company.Housewives Hotline is a telecommunication company that provides help for the full time housewives that feel that they have reached the last line of their nonpaid job. This company has a track life of successful help that it provides to its customers. The Housewives strategy has always and will be to stand out among their competitors by offering the best customer service available in the market. Now that ...view middle of the document...

Unreliable levels of customer service among the office. And the unacceptable delay to get to the customer for handling the customer’s problem along with the insufficient call management systems.The Housewives Hotline’s management and directors has always been devoted to the businesses vision which is to provide the customer with a superior level of service but with the recent increase in the number of customers complaints about the wait time and level of service has been hard to stick to the company’s vision. With the increasing number of complaints growing and the customer service weakening this problem must be addressed.We have developed three options to identify and to solve the problem.1.Unify the Help Desk function and replace it with a new Help Desk system.2.Outsource the Help Desk to a professional call center system3.Upgrade the existing regional Help Desk by providing a new process and system.The people that would be involved with the project is the customers, staff, market and the operations. The risk that would be involved with this project is that the technology may fall short of expected performance. The client service records are inaccurate or invalid. Also the central Help Desk is unable to process the volume of calls or the service that is being provided may fail to deliver to the customers.ConclusionWith this project first being noticed of the problem that is going on in the company and identifying ways to improve the situation that the company is facing will take some steps before it is fully solved.ReferencesMPMM Professional Software (2008) Method 1 2 3 Empowering Managers to Succeed.

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