How To Hasten Up The Search And Rescue Of The Lost Trekkers

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How to hasten up the search and rescue of the lost trekkers

Jatin Ashra
DSV, Stockholm University

Consider a recent incident of flight MH370, where even with state of the art GPS systems, we do
not know the where about of the flight even after so many months. In today’s world, even with available
latest technology, it has become difficult to search some things like an aero plane etc. Imagine how
difficult the task of search and rescue team might be to locate people who might have got lost in the
forest while trekking or hiking. This paper explores how information from previously lost trekkers can
help the rescue teams in helping in some way to locate the lost people.
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Acclimatization to
the environment forms very important part before any trek begins and this process starts at the base
However there are in situation where they get lost in the wilderness. Locating and rescuing them either
by other trekkers or search and rescue teams, becomes one of the major issues in the vast wilderness.
There are instances where the GPS might not function properly or the maps are gone, these trekkers
find themselves totally lost in the vast wilderness. With exhausting food supplies, bad weather, fear of
wild animals and psychological effects of getting lost, the trekkers tend to rescue themselves by coming
back on paths which they think is correct. In most cases they drift further away in wrong direction.
Rescue teams use the last known locations to start the search for the survivors. In cases above, rescuing
trekkers become difficult as they would not know their correct last position.

To help search and rescue teams in predicting the possible paths, there should be some analysis done
using the information available to know the possible path that might be taken by the trekker.
Knowledge for the local people familiar in those areas also contributes significantly in analysis of the
possible paths. The rescue teams or other trekkers in the same area can then co-ordinate to rescue the
lost trekkers.

1.2 Research Aims and Objectives
Deciding on the location, which has to be searched for the lost trekkers by using the available
information about their last known location, weather conditions, food and water supplies? (Information
collected from previously lost trekkers).
A. To comprehend weather conditions that has affected treks of previous lost trekker.
B. To use the last known location and use the collected information to narrow the search area for search
and rescue teams.
1.3 Research Questions
1.3.1 Main Research Question
How can the search and rescue teams decide on locations for the search of lost trekkers in deep forest,
mountain ranges based on the available information?
1.3.2 Sub questions
A. How can the rescue team analyze the known information (like last known location etc) to locate the
lost trekker?
B. How analysis of information from previously lost trekkers can help in narrowing the search area.
1.4 Limitations of the Study, Focus and Feasibility
The paper will not take into consideration of any GPS data that might have been available. Also the
research study is dependent on the experiences of the respondents who were lost in the wilderness.
The respondents have vast experience of trekking in Southern India.
2. Methodology
2.1 Data Collection Methods
An early activity in any empirical research study is to collect data about the phenomenon under
investigation. For this purpose, data generation methods are used [1, p.25]. The data collected can be
numeric like number lines of code etc called as quantitative data and data like text, image, sound,...

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