How To Format A Paper In Apa Style

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Written Assignment Expectations: 
All written assignments must be written on a collegiate level and in APA format. Resources are available to assist you with your papers, please visit the writing center for assistance with your paper.  You may find the writing center resources k under the “Student Services” tab on the left side of the course home page. Then go to “Academic Resources” and select “Writing and Selection Guidelines”. 
Please look at the resources below that are available to assist you in the writing center.
* If an assignment is going to be late, you must email the instructor first for permission.
* Late assignments will be accepted for three days following the due ...view middle of the document...

This brief sample paper shows you how APA style looks when applied to a written assignment.
Please note that the full title of the paper that appears on the title page is repeated
on page 2 of your paper. Every page must be numbered and must include a page header
in the upper right corner that is a shortened title of the paper. The entire paper is double-spaced, and all paragraphs are indented five spaces or one-half inch. The following is information about in-text citations and the preparation of the reference page.
When you use an idea that is not your own, you must give credit to the author of
that idea. The importance of giving credit for outside sources cannot be overstated. Every
print source and everything found on the Internet must be cited in the text of your paper.
The sentence that follows is an example of how to create an in-text citation of an article
you found on a website. An article on the Ethics Resource Center website (Sears, 2004)
presents three scenarios that...

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