How To Fish Essay

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How to fish
Fishing really is not as simple as it may seem, however just about every child has been fishing once in their childhood. There are many different kinds of fish just as there are many different kinds of techniques. You can use artificial bait, as well as live bait, aswell as many different everyday household items. But before you can pick any of that you need to pick a location, location and weather is the key!
When it comes to being successful at fishing, location is everything. You can not catch what is not there. Typically, Fish and other critters like structures, dips and dives in the creek, river, or ocean floors. Depth of the area is not always that important. But tide ...view middle of the document...

But no matter how great the location is if you don’t have the right bait then your location will not help at all, we will talk about that next.
To choose the proper bait you must identify what species you’re aiming for. You must take into effect if you are fishing saltwater like an ocean or bay, or freshwater like the local creek or lake. Then you can choose to use a lure, also known as artificial bait, or use real bait, dead or alive. Both can offer a rewarding trip. Lures are more for the seasoned fisherman as they take more time and technique to master. Where as bait falls more into the “right place, right time” category. Worms are the preferred bait for most freshwater bait fisherman. But corn, hotdogs, chicken and other household items do find their way onto a hook. Common bait for saltwater anglers is mullet and bunker. But eels, squid and clams do get used regularly. Fishing with bait takes a lot of patience as you spend most of your time waiting and staring at a rod tip, that is when you are not replacing your bait. While when using artificial bait you...

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