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How To Draw Action Scenes (Informativev Speech)

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Almost every artist or person interested in art has experienced this problem. You have a spark of inspiration, almost out of nowhere. A great, subjectively groundbreaking idea comes to you and you’re left with an image in your mind of surely the best thing you will ever create in your life. There’s a catch, though, to this explosion of creativity – you have no idea how to even begin drawing this thing, and when you try, it doesn’t come out at all how you expected it to. This problem, for me, lasted an immense amount of time and dealt with drawing people performing simple tasks. Now that I’m past this problem, I’m going to explain how to draw action scenes.

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Of course, parts of this may be a bit unhelpful because I’m going to demonstrate a specific and rather generic scene – somebody preparing to fight – but remember to take what I say into account and place some of these ideas into different scenarios.

I usually begin by drawing the torso. Basing the other parts off of how big or small they are in comparison to the largest part is a good way to make sure everything is the correct size. There’s not much to explain past this point, other than to keep the proportions correct. That’s the most important part. The head should not be bigger than the rest of the body, and many “How to” drawing books give others the impression that they are. Sadly, I can’t teach an entire anatomy course within five minutes, so I’m going to get back on track with the original topic.

After the torso, I draw the legs, but you can proceed with whatever you want to proceed with. This is just my strategy, and everybody has different methods of drawing. However, while methods vary, there are some things that need to stay constant in every situation. This is something everybody should remember: the head is not a circle. It’s more like a small circle attached to a larger oval in front of it. I’m mentioning this because the head and how it’s shaped is the basis for facial expressions, which are important in every type of scene. If somebody is smiling while they’re running, it means they’re probably playing a game with their friends. Alternatively, if they’re crying or look like they’re upset, he or she is probably being chased by or trying to escape something. If you can’t get the head right, the whole picture can be thrown off.

So, what are some things you can do to draw the head correctly? Draw it as I just explained it: a circle with a larger oval in...

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