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How To Do The Text Analysis

860 words - 4 pages

The Plan of the Analysis of the Text

I. Introduction of the text:
• The title of the text is…
• It’s an extract from the book … by …
• The text is presented in the form of :
- a dialogue
- a narration (a 3rd person narration/a 1st person narration)
- a description
- a narration with the elements of description/a narration interlaced (interwoven, intermingled) with a dialogue/a description/the inner monologue of the leading (main) character, etc.

• The text is about = the extract under consideration tells us about = the present story tells the tragedy of…
• The basic theme of the text is ...view middle of the document...

2. Lexical Characteristics of Words
a) Lexico-semantic characteristics: the definitions of the meanings of a word (primary, secondary meanings)
b) Combinability of a word (semantic, lexical, syntactical)
Note: define a word, translate it into Russian if necessary, and give examples of the sentences/word combinations, including the word under analysis, used in this meaning. Give synonyms, antonyms, homonyms of the word under study.

3. Verb-adverb combinations (in case you analyze a verb)
e.g. the verb ‘to look’ enters a number of verb-adverb combinations, such as: look about = to examine one’s surroundings; look ahead = 1) look in various directions; 2) fig. think of the future, etc.

4. Traditional word-combinations and set-expressions (idiomatic expressions, phraseological units, sayings and proverbs with the word analyzed; pay special attention to the Russian equivalents)
5. Derivatives

Words and Expressions, Used to Analyze a Word
1. I’d like to draw your attention to the word ‘waiter’ / In this sentence the word ‘waiter’ is of interest for me.
2. The word under analysis is a verb, etc.
3. This is a polysemantic/monosemantic word
4. The primary meaning of the word is…
5. One of its secondary meanings is…
6. The word corresponds to the Russian/is translated into Russian as…/the Russian for ‘waiter’ is …
7. Pay attention to the use of the definite/indefinite article before the noun in the expression/set expression
8. Mind the use of the preposition … in the word combination/expression/set expression
9. The derivatives of the word are …
10. The corresponding verb/noun is…
11. The noun ‘waiter’ is derived from the verb ‘to wait’ by means of the...

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